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Hydraulic Hose .

or spiral-wound wire 3. Construction: Inner tube Reinforcement layer Protective outer layer 1. Inner tube must be compatible with working fluid and flexible.Hydraulic hoses connects components and transfer hydraulic energy. Protective outer layer is designed to resist weather. textile yarn. or abrasions . Teflon or thermoplastics 2. Reinforcement layer consists of braided wire. oil. Material may be synthetic rubber.

Hose selection Guide “Gates” .

.D. •Application: Before selecting the hose. study should be done on where used. •Delivery: Hose selected should have enough volume to deliver volume of fluid with proper velocity. •Pressure: Hose should be selected based on system working pressure (recommendation from hose manufactures should be considered). •Ends couplings: End couplers are selected based on the size and type needed for the hose lay out. application etc parameters.•Size: The I. •Temperature: Hose should be capable of withstanding both minimum & maximum temperature seen by system. and care should be taken while routing near hot zone( Heat protective cover is recommended) . of the hose must be adequate to keep pressure drop & turbulence to minimum. •Material to be conveyed: Knowledge on medium to be conveyed is important to properly select hose + end couplers . type.