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Senior IV Chemistry (CH40S)

- Course Outline Taught By: Mr. B Hayward

By the end of this course, students should have a working knowledge in the
following content areas, as outlined in the Manitoba Senior III Chemistry
1. Investigative Chemistry
2. Atomic Structure
3. Kinetics
4. Equilibrium
5. Acids & Bases
6. Oxidation Reduction

Time: (approx # of

We will be making use of various texts, worksheets, labs, technology, and
other resources as appropriate.
It is expected that students come to class ON TIME, and PREPARED, and
must have the following materials with them for EACH CLASS: binder and
paper, periodic table, calculator, pen or pencil.

Laboratory Behaviour
We will be doing labs whenever possible in this course, and it is expected
that all students behave in an acceptable manner when labs are being
conducted. It is important for students to build good laboratory practices
and observe the safety rules outlined by Mr. Hayward. Lab instructions must
be followed and lab equipment must be used properly, to ensure the safety
of the whole class. Inappropriate behaviour or failure to follow instructions
will result in removal from the lab.

Course work can be broken down into two categories:
Formative Day to day work, hand in assignments, etc.
Summative Tests, weekly quizzes, labs, major projects &
assignments, etc.
All formative work will be assessed according to the four point scale on the
attached rubric and descriptive feedback will be provided where appropriate.
Since these tasks are being completed while you are learning a concept, the
performance level will be entered in the grade book to track your progress,
but will not count towards your final mark.

Final marks will be derived from all summative work, as these tasks are
where you will demonstrate your knowledge/understanding/skills. These
tasks are typically completed after the learning has taken place

Mark Distribution
Term Work (70%)

Demonstrates and communicates knowledge and concepts

Applies and Communicates Skills and Attitudes

Recognizes & communicates relationships between Science, Tech. &

If a test is missed with an excused absence, it will be made
up outside of class
time. If a test, quiz or assignment is
missed because of an unexcused absence, a
mark of zero will
be given.

Final Exam (30%): Written Exam: 85%, Practical Exam: 15%

Extra Help
Is available at 12:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, just let me know that
you will be present. It is important that students keep up, and continually
review the material, as the tests and assignments are cumulative.

Late/Missing Assignments:
You have chosen to take an academically challenging course. Therefore, you
are required to take the course seriously and be responsible for your
1) You will not be referred to homework club. You must make the choice
to go on your own.
2) Homework is due at the beginning of class. You are not allowed to
complete your assignment during class time.
3) If you have not completed your homework on time, you need to go to
homework club to finish it. If you pay back the time in homework
club, no late marks will be deducted. The assignment must be signed
by a teacher/educational assistant in homework club to prove you
4) If you do not go to homework club, there will be a 10% per day
deduction off the total score, up to 50% off the assignment.
5) No assignments will be accepted after the end of the unit.
6) But I have to work have a game. You know your schedule ahead
of time and therefore should know when you cannot stay and should
have completed your homework. If you cannot stay for homework club,
you take the 10% deduction. Practices dont count. You still must go to
homework club. Coaches are aware of this
Chemistry is a course best learned through practice, and as such, students
can expect to have assignments and homework on a regular basis. Students

will be given as much class time as possible to complete assignments and

minimize homework, however, given the nature of the course some work will
need to be completed at home.