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Press Release

March 22, 2015

Bilfinger SE

Bilfinger follows-up on suspected compliance violations in Brazil

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Bilfinger received internal information last year indicating that there may
have been violations of the Group's compliance regulations in connection
with orders for the supply of monitor walls for security control centres in
several large municipalities in Brazil. The company immediately launched
a comprehensive investigation. The allegation relates to suspected bribery
payments from employees of a Bilfinger company in Brazil to public
officials and employees of state companies.
As a first step, Bilfinger commissioned auditors Ernst & Young to conduct
a comprehensive securing of data in Germany and Brazil and,
subsequently, auditors Deloitte and a specialized law office in Brazil with
the further clarification of the incident. Suspicions have now been
substantiated; the investigation, however, is not yet complete. This also
applies to the question of to whom and in what amount payments were
made. Should the accuracy of the allegations be confirmed, Bilfinger will
take action with regard to personnel and will initiate legal steps.
The volume for the order to equip the security centres amounted to
approximately €6 million. Orders of this size are not dealt with in the
Group Executive Board. Services included the delivery of monitor walls
and the software required to control the screens. The software in
question was developed in-house, no software was bought from IBM.
Bilfinger has a compliance system that is valid throughout the Group. It is
in line with international standards and is reviewed and developed on an
ongoing basis. The company pursues information on possible violations
through its own investigations and notifies the relevant authorities.

Bilfinger SE is a leading international engineering and services group. With the comprehensive
technological expertise and experience of its roughly 70,000 employees, the company offers customized
services for industrial facilities, power plants and real estate. Bilfinger generates an annual output volume
of approximately €7.5 billion in its Industrial, Power and Building and Facility business segments.

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