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As a University of Manitoba student, you’ll be challenged to grow,
inspired to create and dared to excel. Wherever life takes you
after graduation, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned,
both personally and academically, to make a real-life impact.
Your future begins right here.

Discover where your potential will take you.



➜ umanitoba. ➜ cic. the Winnipeg Goldeyes. hiking. the Winnipeg Jets. Visit our many parks where you can enjoy Provincial Nominee Program Manitoba is proactive in establishing long-term residents and new Canadians through the Provincial Nominee Program.gc. if you work and pay taxes in Manitoba. ➜ gov. Located in the heart of Canada. and for up to three years after graduation with a valid work permit. Manitoba is known for its pristine nature. photo courtesy of Travel Manitoba . you may be eligible to work on and off campus during your studies. Winnipeg Folk Festival and Folklorama – the world’s longest-running multicultural festival. courtesy of Aaron Cohen/CMHR (top) The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is the first national Canadian museum built outside of the national capital. (left) Experience Indigenous culture at the U of M’s Traditional Graduation Pow Wow. tourismwinnipeg. Health Insurance Sample from over 1.mb. the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.100 restaurants – one of the highest restaurant to population ratios in North America. learn and explore. whose new stadium is located at the U of M. DISCOVER MANITOBA BENEFITS OF STUDYING IN MANITOBA Celebrate over 130 days of festivals including Festival du Voyageur. Manitoba is the perfect place to live. Home to a National Hockey League (NHL) team. you can benefit from Manitoba’s Tuition Fee Income Tax Rebate International students may be eligible for free provincial health coverage from Manitoba Health.CA/ABOUT (bottom) Fort Gibraltar is a popular tourist destination in Winnipeg’s French quarter that features a historical museum and educational tours. Winnipeg Comedy Festival. and a professional Canadian football team. wildlife and much / UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA Tuition Fee Rebate Program ABOUT ➜ 5 After graduation. a professional baseball team. beautiful landscape. While living in Manitoba. vibrant culture and friendly Working in Canada As an international student. ➜ immigratemanitoba. you will have the opportunity to experience all four seasons and enjoy the great outdoors. This program entitles you to receive up to a 60% income tax rebate on your eligible tuition fees.

NEW ADVENTURE Pembina Hall Residence floor plan Mary Speechly Hall floor plan .Single .CAMPUS LIVING NEW HOME.

HOMESTAY ABOUT Living in residence offers more than just the convenience of being minutes away from your classes and labs. Residence packages (including meal plans) range from $5.CA/HOUSING (top) Residence advisors help students adjust to living in residence while providing support and guidance throughout the year.900 CAD per academic year (8 months).cc.umanitoba. each containing their own washroom. ➜ och. ➜ umanitoba. You will meet new people and join a community that enhances your education and personal growth.700 . each equipped with furnished rooms and free high-speed Internet. 7 Residence and homestay applications must be submitted separately from your undergraduate application for admission. ➜ umanitoba. Residence living offers meal plans. lounges. OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING If you are looking to experience off-campus living. the U of M off-campus housing website can connect you with potential rentals. study spaces.$11. sublets and other students looking for roommates in addition to providing some great information on getting to know / UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA The Fort Garry campus is home to six APPLY EARLY FOR ON-CAMPUS RESIDENCE – SPACES FILL UP QUICKLY Living with a Canadian host family is a great way to practice English and learn more about Canadian culture. laundry facilities and parking.(far left and opposite) Pembina Hall Residence incorporates the needs of today’s student with 358 single rooms. Mauro Residence is available to students with at least one year of post-secondary education. (left) Arthur V. .

explore unique perspectives and take on new pursuits. You will have the opportunity to meet faculty and students from around the world. EXPERIENCE A BRAND NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART 9300 M 2 EXERCISE FACILITY STUDENTS WHO PARTICIPATE IN CO-OP PROGRAMS FIND BETTER JOBS AND START WORKING AT HIGHER SALARIES ENJOY A SMALL COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE BY JOINING OR LIVING IN A COLLEGE .STUDENT SUCCESS BEYOND THE CLASSROOM As a U of M student. you will be part of a culturally rich and diverse community.

co-op programs offered through areas such as agriculture. ➜ umanitoba. The ICS will help to make your university experience enjoyable and successful. LANGUAGES SPOKEN ON CAMPUS ➜ umanitoba. Get involved in a broad range of leadership. advising services. business. ➜ umanitoba. Take a break from studying and participate in a fitness class. intercultural programming and recreation activities. Programs and services include: ABOUT 20+ Similar to internships. in more than 30 countries.CA/STUDENTEXPERIENCE EXPLORE YOUR INTERESTS International Centre for Students (ICS) The ICS is designed to assist you before and after your arrival to Canada to help ease your transition. join an intramural league or attend a Bison sports game. ➜ umanitoba. Join a student group to connect with like-minded individuals and explore your interests. volunteer and local service-learning programs that will enhance your education and give you the opportunity to develop new Career Services Access one-on-one career counselling and workshops such as resumé writing and interview TOOLS TO SUCCEED UMANITOBA.9 Study abroad through the University’s 100+ exchange programs. conversation partners. environment and science combine practical paid work experience with classroom-based education to further enhance skill sets and professional experiences. / UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA Co-operative Programs .

ca/extended/english/intensive •W  orkshops and part-time courses are available in writing or speaking for students in degree study • O  fficial IELTS testing centre Application fee: $175 CAD Tuition: $4. conversation cafés and volunteer opportunities Admission fee: $300 CAD Tuition: $1.ADMISSION INFORMATION / UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA UMANITOBA. The program includes exciting socio-cultural activities that will provide you with an opportunity to extend your learning beyond the classroom.200 CAD per month iep@umanitoba. WITH A HOMESTAY FAMILY OR THEY CAN FIND ACCOMMODATIONS OFF CAMPUS .ca ➜ umanitoba.000 CAD for 14 weeks elc@umanitoba. among many other skills. learn new vocabulary and deliver academic presentations. INTENSIVE ENGLISH PROGRAM INTENSIVE ACADEMIC ENGLISH PROGRAM The Intensive English Program (IEP) will provide you with a dynamic and stimulating language learning experience. the IAEP can take as little as one semester to complete. You will learn how to write research papers. January and May start dates • Seven levels of English from beginner to advanced • Full-time program with 26 hours of instruction per week • F ull-time IAEP that meets the language requirement to begin degree study • U of M credential upon completion • 2  4 hours of instruction per week • Extensive  learner supports that include hands-on workshops. You will enjoy daily speaking.CA/ELC 10 ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROGRAMS Do you want to improve your English language skills? The University of Manitoba can help you achieve your language goals with one of our two outstanding English study options. The Intensive Academic English Program (IAEP) prepares you for university studies by providing you with the language skills necessary to succeed academically. reading and writing classes that will improve communication skills in social and professional settings. online seminars and one-on-one instruction • A  verage class size is less than 12 students per class • Extra-curricular  conversation practice through language partners. • Year-round program with monthly start dates • S ➜ STUDENTS STUDYING IN EITHER PROGRAM ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY TO LIVE ON CAMPUS IN OUR RESIDENCES. Depending on your initial placement level.

The ICM also offers pre-university courses for those requiring some preparation before undergraduate studies. Conditional admission is available to University Note: Students who do not meet the minimum requirements for the IAEP on the placement test are encouraged to apply to the IEP to upgrade their English before returning to the IAEP. ICM students enter their second year at the U of M. are missing the English language proficiency requirement or need extra academic support. A joint application is available online for English Language Centre PLUS UM studies. Upon completion of stage 2 of the University Transfer Program (UTP). / UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA ➜ UMANITOBA. ➜ 11 icmanitoba. Science. Students presenting a minimum IELTS 5. INTENSIVE ACADEMIC ENGLISH PROGRAM (IAEP) INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF MANITOBA (ICM) Conditional admission is possible by successfully completing Level 5 of the IAEP. Arts and General Studies. the International College of Manitoba (ICM) may be an option for you.5 or TOEFL iBT 70 (with 16 in each component) or equivalent will be placed directly in Level 5 of the program. Students without a standardized test score will be placed in an appropriate level through placement testing upon arrival.CA/ADMISSIONS I meet the academic requirements and English language proficiency requirements ADMISSION INFORMATION I WANT A UNIVERSITY DEGREE ➜ . consider a preparatory program designed to help you reach your goals. Students wishing to enter other programs can submit an application for consideration after completion of the IAEP.CA/ADMISSIONS ➜ ➜ I meet the academic requirements but I need to upgrade my English to meet the proficiency requirements ➜ ➜ I do not meet one or more of the University of Manitoba’s entrance requirements ➜ English Language Centre (ELC) Intensive Academic English Program International College of Manitoba (ICM) ➜ UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES WHAT IF I DO NOT MEET THE ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS? If you do not meet the U of M’s admission requirements.GETTING STARTED UMANITOBA. If you fall short of the U of M’s academic requirements.

subject to faculty regulations and requirements.0 (Writing) Complete the U of M Intensive Academic English Program (IAEP) Achieve a minimum of 65% in Level 5 of the IAEP. ➜ u international/English . as taught by the English Language Centre at the U of M. Minimum average of 85% across a specific set of academic courses. Students who have completed U1 (or equivalent in another faculty or institution) can choose to apply to a variety of advanced entry programs at the U of M. Specific admission requirements will vary by program. The courses you take in U1 count towards your degree without adding extra time – regardless of what program you ultimately choose. you will follow the direct entry route into a faculty or program. 4. ADMISSION INFORMATION YEAR 4 YEAR 3 DEGREE PROGRAM High school graduation is a general requirement for all international ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS Applicants whose first language is not English.5 (Reading). IELTS: 6. ADVANCED ENTRY Advanced entry programs require one or more years of university-level study to be eligible to apply.CA/ADMISSIONS 12 OR OTHER DIRECT ENTRY FACULTIES YEAR 2 DEGREE PROGRAM Direct Entry Programs Write a Test If you are coming to university directly from high school or have completed less than one year of university studies. This may be done in one of several ways: CanTEST: minimum 4. students who have graduated from a Canadian curriculum school with a year 12 English literature grade of 75% or higher may also be considered for an English language proficiency waiver. External transfers can receive a maximum of two years (60 credit hours) of credit applied to a U of M degree. this means entering into University 1. may be required to demonstrate English language proficiency prior to admission. Visit us online for a complete list of ways to demonstrate English language proficiency. For most students. Qualify for a Waiver Students who have studied for at least three consecutive years in a country where English is a primary language may be considered for an English language proficiency waiver.5 (Listening) and 4. flexible first year program that allows you to explore more than one degree program before committing to a field of study.5 overall band score ➜ umanitoba. or who were born in a country where English is not a primary language. applicants will require higher averages than stipulated to be successful in the admissions competition. University 1 Minimum average of 70% in three senior level academic ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS / UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA DEGREE PROGRAM DIRECT ENTRY University 1 (U1) is our largest and most popular. ➜ u  manitoba.UNIVERSITY 1 UMANITOBA. TOEFL IBT: 86 overall band score with a minimum of 20 in each component In cases where eligible applicants outnumber the available spaces. with at least 60% in a first language literature course. Additionally.

ENTRY CHART FACULTY/COLLEGE/ SCHOOL YEAR 1 University 1 University 1 ➜ Degree program Agriculture (diploma) Agriculture (diploma) ➜ Agriculture (diploma) Agricultural and Food Sciences University 1 or direct entry to Agricultural and Food Sciences ➜ Agricultural and Food Sciences ➜ Agricultural and Food Sciences ➜ Agricultural and Food Sciences 4 years Architecture (Environmental Design) University 1 ➜ Architecture (Environmental Design) ➜ Architecture (Environmental Design) ➜ Architecture (Environmental Design) 4 years Arts University 1 or direct entry to Arts ➜ Arts ➜ Arts ➜ Arts 3 or 4-year options Business University 1 or direct entry to Business ➜ Business ➜ Business ➜ Business 4 years University 1 or direct entry to Dental Hygiene ➜ Dental Hygiene ➜ Dental Hygiene ➜ Dentistry Open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents University 1 .Law requires 2 years of university experience (60 credit hours) before application ➜ Law ➜ Law 2 years of university experience + 3 year program 4-5 years University 1 or other direct entry program ➜ Medicine requires 3 or 4-year undergraduate degree before application 3 or 4-year undergraduate degree + 4 years Music Music (courses available in U1.Dentistry requires 2 years of university experience (60 credit hours) before application ESTIMATED COMPLETION TIME 2 years 3 years ➜ Dentistry 2 years of university experience + 4 year program Undergraduate degree + 2 year program Education University 1 or other direct entry program ➜ Education requires undergraduate degree before application Engineering* University 1 or direct entry to Engineering ➜ Engineering ➜ Engineering ➜ Engineering Environment. and Resources ➜ Environment. Earth. Earth. Earth. and Resources ➜ Environment. but cannot complete entire first year in U1) ➜ Fine Arts ➜ Fine Arts ➜ Fine Arts 3 or 4-year options Kinesiology and Recreation Management University 1 or direct entry to Kinesiology and Recreation Management ➜ Kinesiology and Recreation Management ➜ Kinesiology and Recreation Management ➜ Kinesiology and Recreation Management 3 or 4-year options Law University 1 . Earth. * Preference will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents with an aim to admit a minimum of 10% international. Earth. but cannot complete entire first year in U1) ➜ Music ➜ Music ➜ Music 4 or 5-year options Nursing University 1 ➜ Nursing ➜ Nursing ➜ Nursing 4 years University 1 ➜ Pharmacy ➜ Pharmacy ➜ Pharmacy 5 years University 1 ➜ Rehabilitation Sciences (Respiratory Therapy) ➜ Rehabilitation Sciences (Respiratory Therapy) ➜ Rehabilitation Sciences (Respiratory Therapy) 4 years Science University 1 or direct entry to Science ➜ Science ➜ Science ➜ Science 3 or 4-year options Social Work University 1 ➜ Social Work ➜ Social Work ➜ Social Work 4 years Medicine Open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents Pharmacy Open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents Rehabilitation Sciences (Respiratory Therapy) Open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents Note: The College of Rehabilitation Sciences also offers master’s degrees in physical therapy and occupational therapy. and 3 or 4-year options Resources Fine Arts Fine Arts (courses available in U1. and Resources ➜ Environment.CA/ADMISSIONS Dentistry YEAR 4 / UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA Open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents YEAR 3 ADMISSION INFORMATION Dental Hygiene YEAR 2 . and Resources University 1 or direct entry to Environment. 13 UMANITOBA.


➜u  manitoba. Know the general admission and English language proficiency requirements. Your official offer of admission will be available online. ACCEPT YOUR OFFER • Admission requirements. ➜u  manitoba. which can be used for your Study Permit application. Canada R3T 2N2 Review your program options. • With three intakes per year. CONNECT . For up-to-date information please visit umanitoba. A final high school transcript and proof of graduation must be provided before the final document deadline. $120 CAD / Application Fee Students who are still completing high school may be assessed for provisional admission based on their interim senior year grades. will be emailed within 10 -15 business days of being offered CHECK YOUR APPLICATION STATUS SIGN IN TO YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION TO CHECK YOUR APPLICATION STATUS AND REVIEW ANY OUTSTANDING DOCUMENTS AND IMPORTANT DEADLINES / UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA 2. deadlines and fees vary by program and are subject to change. You will be notified by email when an admission decision is made. winter (January) or summer (May). EXPLORE A standardized letter. 15 ADMISSION INFORMATION ➜ umconnect. Your offer of admission must be accepted by the deadline indicated in your Be sure to include your name and application number on all required documents. • Scanned documents uploaded to your application portal or emailed to international. SUBMIT DOCUMENTS Upon successful completion of the admission requirements and receipt of all required documents. Manitoba.CA/ADMISSIONS 1. your application will be processed. we offer flexible options so you can begin your studies in the fall (September).NEXT STEPS OFFER OF ADMISSION Create your online profile and learn more about the programs and services that interest international PROVISIONAL ADMISSION REQUIRED OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS: • Final senior level high school transcript • Proof of graduation (high school and post-secondary if applicable) • Post-secondary transcript (required if attended) • P  ost-secondary course outline/syllabi for transfer credit requests (if applicable) CONDITIONAL ADMISSION Documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by a notarized English translation. Important application information: • Be sure to add @umanitoba. APPLY Apply online. Undergraduate Admissions 424 University Centre University of Manitoba Winnipeg. ­ — Students who apply to the joint English Language Centre plus University of Manitoba program option will be assessed for conditional may be accepted for a preliminary to your email safe senders list so you are able to receive important information about your application for admission. Determine where to begin your studies (U1 or direct entry) on pages 12-13. You will receive an email confirmation upon successful submission of your application and applicable fees. and submit immediately upon availability to: UMANITOBA. Creating your profile is the first step in the application process.

ca/graduate_studies GRADUATE STUDENTS ENTERING THE FIRST YEAR OF A RESEARCH-BASED DOCTORAL PROGRAM ARE ELIGIBLE TO COMPETE FOR A SIR GORDON WU GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP WORTH UP TO $40.CA/GRADUATE_STUDIES 16 Our energetic graduate community is made up of over 3. We are home to a wide range of graduate programs. remember to arrange for official transcripts and.RESEARCH EXCELLENCE GRADUATE STUDIES UMANITOBA. to be sent directly from the issuing institution. official translations. with over 140 offerings. APPLICATION INFORMATION In planning your application.CA/GRADUATE_STUDIES UMANITOBA. Every year. ➜ umanitoba. ADMISSION INFORMATION / UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA A complete application package should include reference letters. U OF M HAS DEVELOPED OR PARTNERED WITH 53 RESEARCH CENTRES AND INSTITUTES THAT BELIEVE IN COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH AND SCHOLARSHIPS We encourage you to contact the particular department to which you are applying with regards to fee information and any further documentation required for your application. transcripts. more than 800 international students and 1. if applicable. the application fee and any admission tests or other supporting materials that may be required by the department. as well as entrance requirements for Master’s and Doctoral programs are available online only. The U of M is also a member of the U15 and is ranked as one of the top research-intensive universities across Canada.000 .500 students. Your step-by-step application guide and application. faculty members secure more than $150 million in external funding.600 faculty.

D M. M.Integrated Music Education .Senior Years Electrical Engineering Engineering English Entomology Entrepreneurship/ Small Business Environment Environmental Design Environmental Science Environmental Studies F Family Social Sciences Film Studies Finance Food Science French G Genetics Geography Geological Sciences Geology German Global Political Economy Graphic Design Greek H Health Sciences Health Studies History Human Anatomy and Cell Science Human Nutrition and Metabolism Human Nutritional Sciences Human Resources/ Industrial Relations I Icelandic Immunology Interdisciplinary Studies Interior Design International Business Italian Studies Italian / UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA B DMD Doctor of Dental Medicine P Post-Baccalaureate Diploma ADMISSION INFORMATION A Aboriginal Business Studies Aboriginal Governance Stream Accounting Actuarial Mathematics Aging Agribusiness/ Agricultural Economics Agriculture Agroecology Agronomy American Sign Language/ English Interpretation Animal Science/Systems Anthropology Applied Mathematics Architecture Art Art History Asian Studies Athletic Therapy B Biochemistry Biochemistry and Medical Genetics Biological Sciences Biomedical Engineering Biosystems Engineering Biotechnology Business Administration C Canadian Studies Catholic Studies Central and Eastern European Studies Ceramics Chemistry City Planning Civil Engineering Classical Studies Commerce Community Health Sciences Computer Engineering Computer Science Cree Criminology D Dental Hygiene Dentistry Disability Studies Drawing .Integrated Music/ Education Music . M. Foundations and Psychology Education .CA/ADMISSIONS B E Economics Education Education Administration. M.Early Years Education . D B. M B M. D B. B M M. M M. M. D B. B B B B m. M. D m. B. M. M. D m B d. Please visit umanitoba. D M m. B. M. M. M. D B m. D M. M. D B. D m.History Music . M m.General Music .Composition Music . D B M B m. B. B. B B. B. B M M. B. M. D B M d. D B M. D m. D B. M B d. B. B B. M. D D M M B B B P B B. B. M. B m. MD m. M D M M B. B M d. B. D m. D m. M P Painting Pathology Peace and Conflict Studies Periodontics Pharmacology and Therapeutics Pharmacy Philosophy Photography Physical Education Physical Geography Physical Therapy Physician Assistant Studies Physics and Astronomy Physiology and Pathophysiology Plant Science/Biotechnology Polish Political Studies Printmaking Psychology Public Administration R Recreation Management and Community Development Religion Respiratory Therapy Russian S School Psychology Sculpture Social Work Sociology Soil Science Spanish Statistics Surgery T Theatre U Ukrainian Ukrainian Canadian Heritage Studies V Video W Women’s Studies d. M m m. D M B. D m. B m. B d. M. M. D m. B. B DMD M d. M d. B m. M m. M. B m. B m. B. B.PROGRAMS B B m m. M. M. B. B. B. B. D m. D B. B. B. D B. M. D P m. D B. D B m. M. B m. M. B. D M. M. B d. M m. M. B. 17 UMANITOBA. D M m B. D m. M. M B. M. B. M B m. M m. D M. D M m. M. D m. M. B m. B m. M d. B. D m. D m. B. D B. B.Performance N Native Languages Native Studies Natural Resources and Environmental Management Natural Resources Management Nurse Practitioner Nursing O Occupational Therapy Ojibway Operational Research/ Management Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Oral Biology Orthodontics m B. M. M. B m JD. M. B m. D d. M. B.Jazz Studies Music . M M B B B B B. D M B B m J Judaic Studies K Kinesiology L Labour Studies Landscape Architecture Latin Latin American Studies Law Leadership and Organizations Linguistics Logistics and Supply Chain Management M Management Management Information Systems Marketing Mathematics Mechanical Engineering Medical Microbiology Medical Rehabilitation Medicine Medieval and Early Modern Studies Microbiology Music . M. D m. D M M. M. D m. M. D m m. B m. B. B m. D B m. B. D m.Middle Years Education Post Baccalaureate Education . M. M. D m. M to learn more. B. B. B. M. B m. M. B m. B. D M Program Codes d Diploma program m Minor B Bachelor Degree JD M Juris Doctor Master’s Degree D MD Doctor of Philosophy/PhD Doctor of Medicine Note: Programs are units within various University of Manitoba faculties and schools. B. B m. B B B M M m. B B B M.Conducting Music .Curriculum Teaching and Learning Education . B m. B M m. D M. D m. P m m. B. B. D m B.

760-$33. by bank wire transfer. 95 – 100% $2.9% $800 CAD PAYMENT DEADLINES AND METHODS Tuition and student fees will be assessed after you register for courses.CA/STUDENT/AWARDS 18 Tuition fees are determined by the number and type of courses that you register for. ESTIMATED COST OF FIRST YEAR (INTERNATIONAL STUDENT)* Items Cost Tuition $13.000 .500 Books and supplies $1.500 CAD. 90 – 94.$19. debit or cash. NUMERIC GRADE SCHOLARSHIP 1.400 CAD 85 – 89. The following tuition fees are estimated amounts based on a typical undergraduate student taking a full course load from September to Note: Students completing the full IB Diploma may be eligible for entrance scholarships of up to $ International high school applicants are automatically eligible for entrance scholarships if you apply before May 1** and carry a minimum 85% average in five senior level academic courses from an approved list. ** Canadian curriculum students must apply by March 1 to qualify for a Canadian scholarship. ➜ umanitoba.000 CAD Note: Visit umanitoba.460 CAD FINANCIAL AID AND AWARDS Each year. Fees are due at the beginning of the term and can be paid to learn more about budgeting to live in * Fees are estimated at the time of publication and are subject to change.000 CAD is allocated to international students through scholarships and bursaries. close to $475.MONEY MATTERS TUITION FEES UMANITOBA.$11. Actual tuition costs for students may be higher or lower depending on their specific choice of courses.9% $1. .700 . A n opt-out option is available to students who present proof of alternate health coverage as deemed acceptable by the University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) umsu.800 ADMISSION INFORMATION / UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA Residence (with meal plan) UMSU Supplemental Health Coverage $5.900 1 Total $260 $20. ➜ umanitoba.CA/STUDENT/AWARDS UMANITOBA.


ca/elc FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES 500 University Centre ➜ ➜ umanitoba.UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS 424 University Centre Winnipeg. the calendar entry shall ➜ umconnect. Manitoba Canada R3T 2N2 Email: graduate_studies@umanitoba. . Manitoba Canada R3T 2N2 Phone: +1-204-474-8808 Fax: +1-204-474-7554 Email: ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTRE 520 University Centre Winnipeg. Manitoba Canada R3T 2N2 Phone: +1-204-474-9251 Fax: +1-204-275-8098 Email: UMANITOBA.CA In the event of any inconsistency between the information found in this Viewbook and that of the undergraduate and/or graduate calendars.