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1 Simple Vex Machine
1st Class Levers
IMA= De/Dr= 5.5in/5.6in=.846153
Ideal Effort forice= IMA= AMA
5.5/ 6.5 X .74/Fe 4.81=5.5 = .87454545
AMA= Fr/Fe=.74/1.28=0.578175
Efficiency= .761325/11.0846 (100)= 6.8%
1. Seesaw

2nd Class Levers
IMA= 10.5/ 6.5 = 1.615
Ideal effort force= 10.5 /6.5 = .6872/Fr
AMA= .6872/2.4178 = .284219
Efficiency= .28421/1.61538 (100)= 17.59%
1.Wheel Barrow

3rd Class Levers
IMA=6.3 /5.5= 1.1145
Ideal effort force= (6.3 /5.5)(1.78/Fe) = .155394
AMA=.78/2.4128= .0737732095

Fe=.35 6.38/1.(De/Dr)(Fr/Fe) = (1.3655/. Food tongs and Tweezers are an example of a 3rd class lever since the force is applied between the fulcrum 7. Fe=.593421 (100) = 8.31428/3.31428 13.3655= .76 3.35/Fe)= 0.11 for the wheel 9. force applied to wheel IMA= 1. Fr/Fe= .The axle is a greater effort force because the Fe is. No a second class lever always has a mechanical advantage <1 and third class always has a mechanical advantage >1 8.8=3.Wheel diameter-2. .3655 5.0974002197 12. Force applied to axle IMA= De/Dr= 0.38 Dr=1.35 Fr=.145 =0.38 4.0644306507 6. De= 1.0737732095/1.731 2.38)(. Axle diameter. Wheel and Axle 1.3655 Dr=.3655/3.11/. When finding the Mechanical advantages the final result was measured in Newtons for force and cenitmeterd for distance.35 Fr=.Efficiency= . De=.746% .35 = ..35 for the axle and only .278286342 10.11 7.593421053 11.

Car Wheels and roller skates are both examples of wheel and axles 15.4=0.887/1 (100)= 88.7% Block and tackle IMA=2 AMA=682 Efficiency= 34.74/. Fixed Pulley IMA= 1 AMA= .14.5/2=. The steering wheel on a school bus is so big because it takes more force to turn the wheel.1% 1.25= 25% Moveable Pulley IMA=2 AMA= .887 Efficiency= . 16.5 Efficiency= .Elevators and a crane pulley system are both examples of the .You can determine the distance covered by calcualating the circumfrance.

Ramps and slides are examples AMA= .168026 (100)= 4.5 = . The string attached to the top and the string being pulled do not attribute to the mechanical advantage.42/Fe 57.714/3.168026 Ideal effort force= 24(3.2941756 Efficiency= 61.425409 Efficiency= . Two examples of screws are Jar lids and screw drivers. In a moveable pulley there are two strands one which acts as the input and the other which is the output.8748% Screw IMA.714 Ideal effort force= 10.516% 6.5 /6. The fixed pulley has two strands one which is applied force to pull the other strand and the other one has a weight on it which moves when the force is applied.6872/X 10.125 1.14)(Fe) AMA= 1042/17=61.2.29411765/1357.c/pitch= 24(3.4668 X=. 3.88889=24(3.175)/ 1/18 = 10. 5.174)= 24(3.125 (100)= 22.174)=1357.There are four strings in the block and tackle but only two of them actually use mechanical advantage. 4. 7.5X=4.Overcoming a resistance force is so easy with a screw because you're spreading the force out instead of one big force. . Inclined plane IMA= 3. Some factors that might account for the loss of energy would be fricton of the rope and pulley.

. The screw is a combination of a wheel and axle and an inclined plane.8. The inclined plane is used to be wedge into the wood or surface while the wheel and axle tightens it into place.