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Environmental Services

Frac Tanks
Fact Sheet

Clean Harbors provides single-walled frac tanks for onsite storage and
separation of contaminated wastewaters. Frac tanks are often used in
conjunction with pumps, filtration, dewatering equipment units, and
other remediation equipment as part of a large-scale project.

Clean Harbors’ Comprehensive
Container Management Program
• Provides full-service container rental,
transportation, waste treatment, and
disposal options.

With more than 10,000 various containers in our fleet, our frac tanks are
available for immediate delivery to your site.* Real-time tracking of our
containers through a bar code labeling system increases efficiency and
ensures compliance.

• Coordinates all trucks transporting
containers through our local service
centers and logistics organization.

Operating from over 175 locations in North America, Clean Harbors can
respond any time and anywhere in the U.S. and Canada with the right
container to meet your needs.

• Reconfigures containers to support
specialty needs.
• Utilizes regional company maintenance



21,000-Gallon Capacity





Height with Railings


Height without Railings


Empty Weight

• Implements a thorough inspection program
to track container repair and preventative
maintenance needs.


Available in a 21,000-gallon tank
(500 bbl) capacity.

Most common for on-site storage of water
and other non-flammable liquids.

Multiple valves provide easy access to
various pumping configurations.

Convenient and easy to move or relocate.

Ideal for phase separation or settling.

Large volume capacity.

Easily accessed and easily cleaned.

18,000 lbs.

Actual dimensions may vary due to original container
manufacturing. All dimensions are measured to top horizontal.

*To gain access to equipment rental, contact your local
Clean Harbors branch office

42 Longwater Drive • PO Box 9149 • Norwell, Massachusetts 02061-9149 • 800.282.0058 •