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My anecdote

my sister and me learned of an experience that us taught over the affection a animals in especial one. 10 years ago when i was child. .

. He didn ´t go at the home after of more time. All started when my uncle arrived a my home.

 On day my uncle invited a my sister and me a your house because he wanted share some. .

 I and my sister were exciting for the invitation and we feel curiosity .

 So my uncle us took a your big garden where we saw more cats and we us ask why more cats? .

well we had more question for him. My uncle us answered. because loved this animals. .

 One was how did you get more cats? He answered that them collect of the street .

 He us taught a prepare cat´s food. and more things of them .

 In general was one day fantastic can share one time whit my uncle and my sister and learned a wanted more a the cats .