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Chief Michael Metzler,


Effective 09-01-15, I resign my position as Police Officer for the Town of Seymour. I
find that I can no longer turn a blind eye to the continuing hostile work environment,
harassment, bullying and general lack of professionalism that exists within the
department. I also can no longer worry about my personal safety each and every day.
Such sophomoric behavior is highly inappropriate, dangerous and has no place in
modern day Policing.

After having served over twenty- one years for a highly organized, professional and
progressive thinking Law Enforcement Agency, I find myself unable to lower my
professional/personal standards or my work ethic in order to remain in good standings
with in your department as was suggested to me by one of your departments

Even though I will be no longer be compelled to respond or answer any further

questions in regards to I.A. investigation CN # 14-06, please know that I am more than
willing to cooperate and answer any further inquiries that your investigator may have.
From here on in any and all communications should be directed to the Law Office of
Attorney Frank Canace.

It is a very sad day when a Police Departments Administration puts its own personal
agenda ahead of the public that they have sworn to protect and serve.

L.M. Wexler

Seymour First Selectman Kurt Miller
D.C. Paul Satkowski
Inspector Joseph DeNigris