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Dear Parents,

I would like to introduce

you to our class behavior
system. To the right you will
see an example of the chart
that is hanging in our
classroom. It will be used
everyday in the classroom for
consequences and rewards!
Your child will have a
clothespin that starts on
ready to learn every
morning. Throughout the day
your child will be asked to move
his/her clothespin up or down
the chart according to his or
her behavior.
At the end of the day I will
record the color each child is
on. If they are on GOLD
(Excellent Student), they get a
golden sparkle put on their clip!
When they collect 5 golden
sparkles, they get a reward!
These can be anything from
lunch with the teacher,
painting during recess, or a
special treat.
I want to thank you in
advance for all your efforts
this year. I couldnt do it
without you!
Mrs. Basler