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Step 1: Define the SOURCE
Step2: Create the TARGET FILE AS FLAT FILE and add the required columns,
additionally add the FILENAME column

.Step 3: Define the Mapping as M_DYNAMICTARGET Step4: Drag and Drop the Source and the Target Step5: Create Transformation SORTER to sort the Data based upon the DEPARTMENT_ID Step6: Create Transformation EXPRESSION Step7: Drag and drop all the fields from SORTER Transformation to EXPRESSION Transformation. Step8: Edit EXPRESSION Transformation and the required flag files and output files as in the screen shot.

DAT’ Click on Apply and OK Step 9: Click on Transformation->Create the Transformation TRANSACTION CONTROL Step 10: Drag and Drop the required fields from the EXPRESSION TRANSFORMATION TO TRANSACTION CONTROL . 0.DEPARTMENT_ID (Change it as INPUT Port) V_DEPARTMENT_ID (Variable port) =DEPARTMENT_ID I_DEPARTMENT_ID (Variable Port) =DEPARTMENT_ID V_FLAG (Variable Port) =IIF (V_DEPARTMENT_ID! =I_DEPARTMENT_ID. 1) O_DEPARTMENT_ID (Output Port) =V_FLAG O_FILE (Output Port) =DEPARTMENT_ID||’.

Step11: Edit the Transaction Control and Go to the Properties Tab.TC_CONTINUE_TRANSACTION) Click on Apply and OK Step 12: Connect the Ports from TRANSACTION CONTROL TO TARGET FLAT FILE Step 13: Click on Save .TC_COMMIT_BEFORE. Give the Condition as follows IIF(O_DEPARTMENT_ID=1.

Step 14: Create the Task and Workflow Step 15: Connect the Required Source DB Connection Step 16: Click on Apply and OK Step 17: Start the Workflow Step18: Find the Required Output .