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Bryn Larson

19805 N. 49th Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85308
B.A. Brigham Young University, August 2015
English major, editing minor
Relevant Coursework
English Language 350, Basic Editing Skills: copyediting conventions, with an emphasis
on an editing profession
English Language 410R, Genre and Substantive Editing: focus on substantive editing,
with exploration of different genres of editing
English Language 430R, Editing for Publication: refining copyediting and substantive
editing skills through hands-on work with actual publications with one-on-one
feedback and mentoring.
Digital Humanities 230, Introduction to Print Publishing: used computers and layout
programs (Adobe InDesign and Illustrator) for editing and publishing; learned
principles of design; some exposure to Photoshop
English Language 325, Grammar of English: grammatical principles of the English
English Language 322, Modern American Usage: current rules and use of American
English and critical editing skills
English Language 223, Introduction to the English Language: a general introduction to
English grammar and usage
Editing and Writing Experience
Associate Editor, Mormon Insights, April 2015—June 2015
Edited fellow classmates’ articles for substantive issues
Verified all link in online publications
Received feedback from authors
Met weekly deadlines
Worked with team members and authors
Transcription Editor, English Language 399R Internship, January 2015–April 2015
Edited and transcribed war veteran interviews
Composed grammatically correct sentences from non-standard English
Maintained the voice of the speaker while transcribing and editing
Received feedback on my editing work
Learned how to use transcription software
Editor, Stance for the Family student journal, September 2014–April 2015
Edited manuscripts (both copyediting and substantive editing)
Evaluated manuscripts for publication
Assisted with overall layout of the journal

messages.byu. April 2015—August 2015 Managed postings. and transcription editing. July 2014 Facilitated orientation for group of approximately 25 students Headed campus tours for new students Shared leadership responsibilities with other group leaders Treated younger classmates with respect and courtesy Learned names of students and became familiar with their interests High School Lacrosse Club. Illustrator Familiarity in Photoshop Acquainted with Weebly and Wordpress .edu) Received and integrated feedback on my writing and editing Facebook Manager. including teamwork and reliability Skills and Interests Copyediting. September 2009–May 2012 Required dedication and responsibility to my team Communicated with the coaches if there were any problems Got along with many different people Learned many important skills. Mormon Insights. Adobe InDesign. April 2015—June 2015 Met with the Web Team to discuss goals for the website Set the featured image for each new article Monitored website for errors Efficiently met publication deadlines New Student Orientation Group Leader. Mormon Insights. and analytics for the page Wrote posts every other day Checked Facebook page daily Found ways to get more likes and boost traffic to the page Volunteer Experience Web Team Member.Posted biweekly blog posts to the journal’s website (stanceforthefamily. project management and collaboration Computer Programs: Advanced skill in Microsoft Word. design and layout. substantive editing.

References Don Norton (801)-319-8742 (evenings) nortondon17@gmail. He knows my editing skills and strengths) Katie Hollingsworth. and ability to work with a team of editors and designers) Marvin Gardner (801)-422-1253 (My instructor for ELANG (English teacher for which I edited a book he had written.) . Senior Editor. especially substantive editing) Steven Walker (801)-422-3203 (My instructor for ELANG (Can comment on my work with the student journal as well as my editing. Stance for the Family Journal (702)-378-2815 (Supervised my internship and I learned much from his feedback on my work. can comment on my editing ability. Can comment on my editing and writing capabilities. writing. can comment on my editing ability as well as my ability to work with a team.) Mel Thorne (801)-422-1719 mel_thorne@byu.