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Social Studies Grades 7-11


Courteous say please & thank you; do not talk while another is speaking
Always be Prepared: with binder, pen or pencil, & homework
Respect for yourself, teacher, & classmates
Effort 100% of the time

Step 1- Warning: A warning may be directed to the class as a whole or to individual
students. Warning is given so that student may be aware of misbehavior and to
provide him/her with an opportunity to fix themselves.

Step 2- Consequence: If the warning is unsuccessful & problem continues, student
will be given a consequence. The consequence will be in the form of a letter written
to the teacher stating the offense, why the student committed the offense, how it
was offensive, and what he/she can do to avoid acting out again.

Step 3- Phone Call Home: If neither a warning nor threat of consequence are
incentive for student to cease misbehavior then a phone call home is made. Parental
involvement is sought here to intervene on their childs misbehavior in class.

Step 4- Sent to Principal: Student is removed from class and sent to Principal,
where further action can be taken.

1) Student of the month: Every month we will have a Student of the Month who
has portrayed excellent character, manners, or handed in well thought out
essays & well researched reports. Students who consistently display
excellent manners or work will be recommended for school awards.
2) Hamrah Dollar: A 90+ on a quiz or test will earn students one Hamrah Dollar
(No real value). After earing 3 Hamrah Dollars, students can earn 10 points
added to a low quiz grade in the same quarter.
3) Test Corrections: Will be offered after exam grades are handed back to
students. For each question marked wrong, students must rewrite the
question, give the correct answer, and briefly explain why their initial choice
was incorrect. In completing test corrections properly, students will receive
.5 of each questions worth back onto their final test grade.

Timeliness and presence in class are an absolute must. Lateness to class is excused,
however 3 consecutive lateness in one marking quarter results in a mark of absence,
even if student is present in class, unless a reasonable excuse is accompanied by a
signed & dated parental note.

5 absences without a signed & dated parental note in one marking quarter result in
a 0 quiz grade to be averaged into the overall quiz grade (20%).

Complete & thorough homework assignments are important to a complete learning
experience. A missing homework will receive a 0 for that assignment. Incomplete
homework will receive a check minus. All missing or incomplete homework can be
made up by the end of the following week, but will only receive partial credit.

Projects will not be accepted after the due date. Advance notice is given for due
dates, students have time to work on them.

***Students are responsible for asking me for handouts & showing me made up
***It is important to understand that there are legitimate excuses for missing class,
missing homework, or missing projects. Leniency will be applied when reasonable.


To confirm that you have read through class rules and procedure please sign, date,
and return the portion below. Detach and keep the top portion for your records.

Print Name of student:

Print Name of Parent/Guardian:

Sign Name of Parent/Guardian: