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Friday, September 4, y

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya

I came here sometime ago and picked TDA Nomination papers for aspirants
to the position of TDA presidential flag bearer.
I also picked forms for members of Parliaments that believe in our vision;
today we bring back our completed nomination forms. We believe in unity
and TDA is the answer. That is why we are here to demonstrate our full
support to TDA.
All the problems of Uganda will not be solved at once, even democracy will
grow and no country in the world are at the same level of democracy. we
therefor strongly believe that when we are in the next government we shall
bring about many meaningful changes.
1. Electoral Reforms
2. Constitutional amendments
3. Reducing public expenditure (number of MPs, number of districts and
presidential advisors etc...)
4. Increase productive expenditure
5. Fight corruption.
The current government will never tackle these changes if they are still in
power, this they have demonstrated a number of times.
Therefore i am not a believer in "no reforms, no participation in elections"
this is giving a silver plate to the current dictatorship to retain power. I will
participate in the coming general elections to defeat this regime. Thereafter
embark on genuine reforms. We shall then prove ourselves to be different
and committed to our country THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW.
Do not take us for granted we mean what we say. I thank all those
Ugandans who are deeply supporting our cause. I have so far gathered the

Friday, September 4, y

required electoral Commission signature for my presidential nomination bid

in 82 districts of Uganda in less than 2 weeks. but i will stand with the TDA
procedures for concluding on a single presidential flag bearer and i will
support whoever is concluded on.
TDA must not delay and if it delays it will be its fault.
Tackling poverty is my priority number one. Poverty for today, tomorrow and
future generations. We have the plan that will be wholly and fully
implementable. The poor have been so abused and so exploited beyond
reason by the government of today.
They are handed money in bags instead of teaching them to look for their
own money. These sharks don't want to teach the poor "to fish"but want to
give them fish making them beggars. This must change.
Bukenya will teach you how to fish and eat fish whenever you want.
Thank you
For God and My Country
Prof. Gilbert Bukenya
Presidential Aspirant 2016.