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Gate service can be created in where IW_BEP add-on component is installed.

be gateway hub or backend system
Gateway service is build in 2 different classes
Data provider class---------------contains runtime implemention
Model provider class-------------Metadata, info. About entities and associations
These classes are combined using configuration and wrappers are created
Service group ( also has external and internal names) ----DPC
Technical model object ----MPC

Once you created wrappers, these are associated with each other by further
configuration and service is ready.
Service is ready to use when entry is created in service catalogue.
Creating service entry is possible in whichever system GW_CORE component is
available, which will be Gateway Hub system.
Add sap-client query parameter to specify client number
Add sap-logon-language to specify logon language which would help to read
language specific labels maintained by property sap:label

If there are more than system alises defined in Gateway Hub system,
you will be asked to provide the Alias that is pointing from Gateway
Hub to sap backend where service has been developed.
Run program UPDATE_WBOBJTYPE_TABENTRIES to update entries for GW
Data Model and Consumer model in SE80 dropdown.
Deployment of WEBIDE application to SAP ABAP repository ----Forbidden

Service (ADT) /sap/bc/adt should be activated in your backend system

Otherwise, below error will happen in SAP WEBIDE

SICF Services to be activated

DPC methods should be redefined, otherwise customer added code will be

removed everytime we regenerate the gateway objects
Fiori Installation and configuration

Fiori_ technical
Quick Starter
installation and configuration.pdf
Configuration Guide - SAP Gateway.pdf

Default client is provided in HANA cockpit RFC destination using sap-client