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Earth Science

Mrs. Whigham

Welcome to my Earth Science class. I am confident that we
will have a great year! Together we will learn a lot about earth science
fundamentals. I have high expectations of my students and promise to
provide a stimulating learning environment!

To acquire the fundamental earth science principles studied in the course which include, but are not
limited to: scientific method and measurement, physical and chemical properties, classifying matter, atomic
models, subatomic particles, periodic table and its trends, law of conservation of mass and energy, weather,
minerals, the rock cycle, resources, plate tectonics, continental drift, earthquakes, volcanoes, oceans,
relationships between the Sun, Earth, and moon, and the solar system. Some of the fundamental principles that
are studied require mathematical calculations.

Grading and Assessments:

It is your responsibility to keep track of your own grade. You can keep track of your grades by viewing
them on Netclassroom. See the front office for more information. Always be aware of where you stand in this
classroom. Your grade will be determined as follows:

Major Grades (70%) Includes, but is not limited to: Tests, Major Projects,
etc At least 3 grades must be recorded each nine-week period.

Minor Grades or Quizzes (20%) Includes, but is not limited to: Quizzes,
Laboratory Experiments/Reports, Science Articles, Worksheets, In-class
assignments, Mini-projects, etc

Daily Grades/Homework (10%) Includes, but is not limited to: Classwork

assignments, Worksheets, etc
This also includes any homework assignment. Due to the content material of
this course, you will be expected to complete all homework assignments.
Doing so will result in a higher grade!
Remember: Practice makes perfect!

Total Grade is out of 100%

Laboratory Experiments:
We will be conducting several laboratory experiments throughout the year. You will be notified when a
lab is coming up. You are REQUIRED to participate in all of the labs! Be sure to follow all lab safety rules and
procedures that we discuss in class and abide by all lab safety rules. I enjoy the experience of labs and seeing
you excited about the results we obtain, but failure to abide by the laboratory safety rules (See Science
Safety Contract) will result in you receiving a zero for that lab and possibly future labs, depending on the
severity of the infraction. Remember I have the safety of all my students at hand. You will be required to wear
lab safety goggles and an apron at all times, no exceptions!! If you have a problem with wearing the goggles
and aprons that are provided, then feel free to buy your own personal set. You can find them at Wal-Mart,
Home Depot, Lowes, etc We will begin labs once we complete the lab safety material. If you miss a lab for
any reason, then you are required to write a short research paper on the labs topic. This is called the Alternative
Lab Assignment. You will not be allowed to participate in lab experiments until you and your parent/guardian
sign your lab safety contract.



Make Up Work:
Failure to make up work, as stated in the Saint James School Parent/Student Handbook, results in a zero!
It is your responsibility to make arrangements to be here and make up your missed assignments. You have one
week to make up any assignment(s) missed due to an excused absence. If the missed work is not made up
within one week it will result in a zero for that assignment. Any work missed due to an unexcused absence will
result in a zero for that assignment. An assignment log will be kept in the classroom for your reference. All
make-up work and/or tutoring will be held on Wednesdays from 3:10 - 3:40. Make up tests may be different
from regular tests. You will be notified of test days at least one week in advance and you should plan to be
present on that day.

ALL rules listed in the Saint James School Parent/Student Handbook apply in
this class and will be enforced! Dress code, cell phones, tardiness, disrespect, etc!

*Please, note that when we are in the lab your behavior is very important. If you
are misbehaving you will be written a Major and sent to the office.

Writing Assignments:
You will be required to write research papers and article reviews throughout the year.
Assignments that require typing must be: Times Roman Numeral Font Size 12, double spaced, one inch
margins, and must include a works cited page. Any assignment turned in
without a works cited page will be given a zero! We will discuss this in
detail when the assignment approaches. Dont worry! I will help you with

All Assignments:
All assignments must be headed consistently throughout the year. You
must include: your name, date, period, and title of assignment on all papers.
Failure to do so will result in a 5-point deduction!

Class time:
You are required to be on time for class. If you are not in the classroom
when the tardy bell rings, then you are tardy and will be written a Minor
Discipline Warning. You will not be allowed to go to the restroom during
class. You should take care of this between classes! Do not ask to go to another teachers room or anywhere
else during class. My class time is for instruction and learning only! Anything not pertaining to that should be
handle outside of my class time. If you are disrupting class with inappropriate behavior you
will receive a Major Disciplinary Warning.

All tests may be accumulative. That means that you cannot just cram and forget! You may
see old material on each test. This will better prepare you for final exams.


Required Materials:
3 Ring Binder: No spiral notebooks!! You must be able to add and remove
materials from your notebook. You may have other subject areas included.
Notebook Paper AND/OR iPad: We will be taking a lot of notes!
Scientific Calculator: You will need this to do majority of the course material
required. For example, scientific notation and other problem solving. You will not be
allowed to share or borrow calculators! You will be trained on how to use your
calculator; therefore, you need to use the same one throughout the course.
Pens and Pencils
Colored Pencils
Your textbook; you will be issued a textbook and it is your responsibility to bring it
to class with you EVERYDAY!

*Please, refer to the 8th Grade Supply List for a complete list!

Throughout the year I will conduct several random material checks! I may ask to see your calculator,
textbook, and/or notebook and you will receive a daily grade for having these items with you in class. Failure
to be prepared will result in a zero for that daily grade. Be prepared everyday!