I. Introduction

When everyone graduates from a high school, they will be in dilemma to choose studying abroad or in local universities. Today, there are many scholarships for students who have abilities to go to study abroad. They believe studying abroad can help them improve themselves. In my opinion, studying abroad is better than studying in local universities because it has many benefits such as we can improve our language skills, the second benefits is we can broader our social life and the last one is we can introduce Malaysia to the world.


Topic Sentences 1: The first one we can improve our language skills.

Supporting Sentences:
a. We will practice their language every time such as for studying, traveling or

buying something from supermarkets. b. Practice to use language such as English is needed because it is not their native language. c. Language is not only used in a theoretical way but it is more in a practical way.
d. Do not have the chance to speak in their mother tongue but are forced to

learn new vocabulary.

2. Topic Sentences 2: The second point is can broader our social life.

Supporting Sentences:
a. Will help a student to get to know new friends.

b. Also obtain opportunity to interact and mix with students from other

c. We also can learn about other cultures.

d. Can find the part-time job and study at the same time.
e. Several supermarkets or restaurants are glad to hire foreign students. 3. Topic Sentences 2: The third point we can introduce Malaysia to the world.

Supporting Sentences: a. We are the ambassador of Malaysia to the world.
b. For example, wear baju kurung and baju melayu at the same time we

introduce our traditional Malay custom.
c. Celebrate Malaysia festival such as Hari Raya, Deepavali and Chinese New

Year. d. Introduce Malaysian food and interesting place at Malaysia to foreigner.
e. Malaysia has variety delicious of food such as Nasi Dagang, Tosai, and Lai

Chi Kang.
f. Introduce local fruits such as durian, langsat and rambutan.


Conclusion Studying abroad is a special experience to those gets that opportunity. It also helps students to develop their self-confidence and adaptability. There are lots of benefits studying abroad. In conclusion there are three benefits studying abroad. The first one is we can introduce Malaysia to the world, second one is we can broader our social life and the last one we can improve our language skills.

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