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Grand Ayatollah

Grand Ayatollah

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Q1. As is well known, an individual in the west receives monthly sum

from the government in welfare benefit or monthly support as a refugee.

Is it mandatory to pay khums even if this money is sometimes not


A1. If there is anything left over after essential expenditure, khums is

payable on that sum.

Q2. I am an employee and have a limited income which does not cover

me for the whole month. I wish to pay khums for the first time. Given

that khums is only payable on what is left over after essential annual

expenditure, how do I pay khums if my income does not cover me for

the whole month?

A2. If in the past, you did not have any amount left over after the

essential expenditure, then you are not liable to pay khums.

Q3. Is it permissible for a Muslim to have a sealed money box which is

not opened for over a year, knowing that khums will not be paid on the

money saved in the box until after it is opened, and that this will be after

the date that he has set as the beginning/end of the financial year for

khums payment. The individual concerned is a poor person. He may eat

one day but not eat another and he does not have a regular monthly


A3. He must seek the permission of the marje‘.



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