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KKPS Newsletter, Issue 16, September 4, 2015

Kerikeri Primary School

Inspiring Learning

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From the Principal...

Tn koutou katoa,
It is officially spring and thank you to all the children and families
who bought Daffodils from Lynne Oldham in support of the
Cancer Society.
LOCK DOWN DRILL: Next Wednesday 9th September at
approximately 10:00am we will be holding a Lock Down Drill.
This is a collaboration between the Police, Kerikeri Primary
School, Kerikeri High School, Kerikeri Kindergarten and Sylvan
& Lanark Childcare Centre. All staff and children are being
reminded of procedures and we are taking extra care to ensure
children know this is not for real. It will be a good opportunity to
test and refine our procedures.

The central tool and guiding ideal of Philosophy for Children is

the community of inquiry (generally children all seated in a circle).
In the community of inquiry, students work together to generate
and then answer their own questions about the philosophical
issues contained in purpose written materials or a wide range of
other resources. Thinking in the community of inquiry is critical,
creative, collaborative and caring.
Outcomes of Participation:

Higher order thinking skills

Independent thinking
Excitement and motivation
Increased reading comprehension
Te Whakatupuranga Expansion: Whanau and the school
Maths and Science achievement
Board have been working on the prospect of opening a 3rd
Increased co-operative skills
classroom for Te Whakatupuranga. Every KKPS family will
Better relationships with peers and parents
receive a separate letter today asking for final commitment to
Personal development and self-esteem
Te Whakatupuranga in 2016 so the Board can move forward and Transfer of skills to other areas of learning
employ new staff and invest in other necessary resources
required for an expansion of Te Whakatupuranga.
Skills learnt in the community of inquiry are transferable.
Please get your form back in to the office by September 17 if Philosophy for children enables students to make bridges
between the various things they learn, thus making the
you are interested!
curriculum more meaningful to them. Both the co-operative skills
and the thinking skills developed in Philosophy for Children
contribute to improved social interactions and greater social
Another team of staff just returned from visits to schools in
Auckland. One of the highlights of the current round of
school visits was the opportunity to sit in on a Philosophy
lesson with Year 4 learners. Each week, the class spends 1 x
45 minute block of time learning to think through the Philosophy
for Children (P4C) curriculum. This curriculum is one of the
options we are investigating in order to develop children who are
capable thinkers. Knowledge and understanding is important,
but the ability to think in a variety of ways is vital to successful
application of all the knowledge and understandings people gain
during their lives, both as children and adults. A little more from
the P4C website:

Another thing that was highlighted to staff while visiting schools

was just how well our grounds and classrooms are
maintained (thank you Mr Mau and Ian), how much space our
children have to enjoy, and how much pride our teaching team
takes in having engaging and learning-centred classroom
environments (well done team). When driving 1 hour and 20
minutes to a school in traffic and seeing all the very expensive
duplex housing, we were also reminded of just how lucky we are
to enjoy living in Kerikeri!

Maori Achievement - Whanau Hui: We would like to invite the

school community to a hui early next term to discuss what you
think success for our Maori tamariki looks like for you and your
Philosophy for Children is often described as a thinking skills
whanau. This is open to ALL whanau of all backgrounds and of
programme or a course in critical and creative thinking. While it is
course I hope we will see a lot of our Maori whanau from both
true that philosophy for children does improve students critical
mainstream classrooms and Te Whakatupuranga in attendance.
and creative thinking skills, calling it a thinking skills programme
It will be low-key and is really a chance to build relationships with
does not do it justice. It does much more as well. Philosophy for
each other and talk about your aspirations for your children. This
children builds on the students own wondering and curiosity
then informs the Boards future plans for supporting our Maori
about ideas that are vitally important to them. The subject matter
learners. We will advise of the date before the end of term.
of Philosophy for Children is those common, central and
contestable concepts that underpin both our experience of
Nga mihi,
human life and all academic disciplines. Examples of such
concepts are: Truth, reality, knowledge, evidence, freedom,
justice, goodness, rights, mind, identity, love, friendship, rules,
responsibility, fairness, reason, existence, possibility, beauty etc.. Andrew Read and the KKPS Team

KKPS Newsletter, Issue 16, September 4, 2015

Year 6 transitioning to Year 7

Kerikeri Primary School was
the proud winner of a trophy recently
at the Netball Centre for the Junior
Best Presented Uniform. This photo
shows Lily wearing her new uniform
with the trophy. Well done girls!

Kerikeri Garden Club Spring Flower Show

The Spring Flower Show is an annual event that Kerikeri Primary
School supports. It is to be held at the end of Term 3 at the Turner
Centre on Friday September 25 from 1:30pm to 5pm
and Saturday September 26 from 9am to
3.30pm. Some teachers are involving their class
and entering items.

Mike Clent, Deputy Principal of Kerikeri

High School and Abby Hope, Dean of
Year 7 2016 alongside the Year 7/8 kapa
haka group supported by Tania Peters
Heihei and Taylor Whui, presented to the
Year 6 pupils, an introduction around
becoming a Year 7 student next year at
Kerikeri High School.
Each student was given a Kerikeri High
School pack filled with lots of information
as well as the enrolment forms which need
to be handed into the Kerikeri High School
office as soon as possible. All enrolments
need to be completed before 11 September
for these students.
The next event for the Year 6 pupils going to Kerikeri High School in
2016 will be an evening at Kerikeri High School's for students and
their families held in the high school library. This evening goes from
7.30pm to 9pm and there will be discussions around 'what to expect
and the opportunities available' when entering the school in 2016.

Parents and caregivers might like to inspire their child Any questions please contact Lynne Oldham at Kerikeri Primary
to create at home so that you could enter in the show. There is no cost School or or phone 407 8916 and ask for Abby Hope.
to enter and there are prizes to be awarded. The categories for each
age group are listed below. All entries can go to the Turner Centres
lower basement on Thursday September 24 after 1 pm and then
Girls Soccer Festival
collected on Saturday afternoon.
Karen Hawtin is Kerikeri Primary Schools organiser and she is
looking for a couple of volunteers to put up some of the artwork at the
show. Please see Karen in Room 8 or email
if you are able to help.
Year 1 and 2: Flower covered vaseline or sand saucer as supplied.
Arrangements in an unusual container no larger than 20 cm x 20 cm.
Using fresh or dried flowers. Year 3 and 4: Shell arrangement.
Vegetable/ fruit animal or toy. Book Mark - Using pressed plant
material. Years 5 & 6: Draw and name a native tree/shrub on no
larger than 20 cm x 20cm paper and add pressed leaf or leaves.
Painted Rock -no larger than 15cm X 15cm.

Kids Artworks Fundraiser

Classes are working on cover designs for the
2016 products. Calendars $13, Cards $14,
Diaries $18, Mouse Mats $16 and new this year
Sketch Pads $15. Order forms to be returned by
Wednesday 9 Sept, more forms available from
the school office. Payment to Kerikeri Primary
School by cheque, correct change or Eftpos available in the

Well-known sports author visits

Twenty two pupils in Years 5 and 6 were fortunate to meet a well-known author - David Riley,
who visited the school as part of the recent
Storylines Event. David is a teacher in South
Auckland and he enthralled our pupils with
his books around the profiles of high achieving
sportsmen. He has written wonderful accounts
of All Black Frank Bunce and former Tall Black
captain Pero Cameron. Between 2012 and 2015 David published
biographies of Benji Marshall, Sonny Bill Williams and Kiwi NBA star
Steven Adams. In June 2015 he published Samoan Heroes, short
profiles of Samoan role models. David is currently working on a two
volume series about rugby. We were thrilled to have David visit us and
we thank the organiser, Alana for offering us this time.

Kerikeri Primary School will be hosting a mini soccer tournament

against Riverview School during New Zealand's footballs Girls
and Womens week from 14th 20th September.
Y5/6 girls will be playing on the 15th September 2015 and the
Y3/4 girls are playing on the 16th September. Games kick off at
10am at Kerikeri Primary School. We would love parents to come
along to support this day.

Invitation to speech and poem recitals

Parents and caregivers are invited to Kerikeri Primary School Middle
Teams speech and poem recitals on Wednesday 9 September held in
the school hall starting at 11.30am. See you there!

Daffodil Day bonanza

Kerikeri Primary School children raised $329.10
for the 2015 Daffodil Day collection. This is the
largest amount collected in 15 years of Daffodil
Day fundraising at the school. A huge thank you
to Kerikeri Primary School Community! The
money has been sent off for cancer research.

THE TOMATIS METHOD - Listening affects Learning!

Thursday September 17: Come listen to a free talk on how TOMATIS
can assist with learning challenges such as ADD, ADHD, APD,
dyslexia and more.
Venue: Red Cross Hall, 14 Butler Road, Kerikeri, 7-9pm. Book
online: or call Ingrid 09 407 9008 or 021
1495 924.
Pathways to Learning offers Educational Therapy targeting hidden,
underlying issues that are preventing children from succeeding in the
classroom, socially and at home.
Educational therapy offers a whole child approach to learning,
combining a variety of educational and therapeutic programs building
self-awareness and strengthening underlying areas of weakness.
For information on how Pathways to Learning may help your child
please visit our website or call
0211457607 for a FREE consultation.