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Lomer 7 Hermetic Letters

Lomer 7 Hermetic Letters

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Published by Rajat K Bose

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Published by: Rajat K Bose on Mar 05, 2010
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Man and woman are the division of God. Their eternal seeking

and finding each other, separating from each other and finding

each other again, determines all life; in truth this is a high love

mystery. God the Father is on the whole not thinkable without

God the Mother. He would be only half of a whole, and hence

imperfect. The eternal procreating father-energy requires an

eternal, conceiving, form-giving, bearing mother-energy. You

may call the former primordial Spirit and the latter primordial

substance; here the fundamental truth is of importance, not the


Without love, the world could not exist. What allows the

celestial bodies to rotate in blissful rhythm around their central

points, what allows the planets to revolve around the sun, what


allows the negatively charged electrons to revolve around the

positive atomic nucleus, can only be love!

Everything you see around you as "life," from birth to the

grave, is set and kept in motion by love. Attraction and repul-

sion are two components and they do not form a unit until they

work together. The birth of any organism is the birth of a se-

quence of love, its death a passing over into another sequence.

Being properly prepared for death means to train yourself for a

new and higher sequence of life. Therefore anyone who has

loved only himself will find it very difficult to die. Show me

how you die, and I will tell you who you were.

Man and Wife Within You

The world is made of fire and water, light and darkness, yes and


The earthly concepts of "father" and "mother" are the

lower mortal symbols of an infinite, much more profound, and

higher pair of divinity and energy which stand behind and

above, in which the unrecognizable oneness reveals itself. They

meet again and again, struggle with each other, balance each

other and produce together the symbol of their harmony, the

child. When this is properly understood, it is a high symbol, the

highest of all to one who is truly cognizant. However, under-

stand that while you are in your human, earthly reality, you are

prolonging suffering in an endless chain. What child has not

been born to suffer?!

The true mystery of generation lies not in external but in

inner procreation.

You know that there is not one being which is only male or

only female; this applies to human beings as well. Observe the


nipples of a man and the facial hair of a woman. And how often

do you find a male spirit in a female body or a female spirit in a

male body? We are hermaphrodites and, in love, a whole man

strives for a whole woman. That occurs in the external as well

as in the inner love which takes place in the sanctuary of your

body. The wisdom of old age rests essentially upon this inner

love; the primary sexual orientation subsides and the suppressed

secondary sexual orientation comes forth. The completion once

sought for on the outside is sought for on the inside; and it is

found. An inner procreation takes place, which renews, delivers

and liberates the old human being if he is able to master it.

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