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Things the Most Successful Have in Common

Things the Most Successful Have in Common

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Published by: ivyco on Mar 05, 2010
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Next up, keep building those resources, every chance you get. Every JV
you pull, every ad you send, every person you contact, every person
that contacts you, subscribes to your list, or whatever. Start to think in
terms of resources instead of sales because these are the key to your
success, the resources not the sales. Of course the resources are there
to make you sales, but without them there’s little profit in online
marketing no matter how good you might be at promotion.

This brings me back to the previous point about gradual growth. It’s
important that you do not underestimate what you have at your
disposal. Just a small number of the quality resources that we already
talked about can be extremely profitable. A single JV can span multiple
products and several years for example. Just a single JV. A single
affiliate can pull in thousands of resources, just five thousand quality
subscribers can be responsible for thousands per month, and that’s
even before we look at joint ventures and affiliates. So you see, just
because you have to build resources, and I keep telling you that it won’t
be instant, I wouldn’t be surprised if most people are thinking a year or
two to get to where they want to be. Of course, it is gradual, business in
general as well as with your resource building, but depending on the

deals you pull and how quickly and effectively you can make the
progress using your knowledge, it’s not the several years job you might
be feeling a little anxious about.

An additional note to that, always keep your resources building each
other. Taking each resource, separating them into categories, and using
each one to build another often allows you to pull many times the profit
from a single set of resources that you may have previously kept
separate and only profited once from them.

Also remember what this does in terms of you vs. every other online
marketer out there. While they’re out there paying for ads over and over
and saying things like ‘This online marketing game is a scam I can
never make any profit’ or something to that effect for many years. This
is simply because they keep spending their money on stuff again and
again and not pulling anything from it but a few sales. Using the
methods you’ve learned here, build, and multiply, and let things
snowball, and before you know it, you won’t actually be cornered into
spending money on your promotion like all the rest that don’t
understand this resource building and multiplication technique.

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