The Bombaloza is a FISA specification coastal single. This boat can just about go anywhere and is ideal for fun in the surf or long river cruises.

Specifications: Length: Maximum width: Weight: Load capacity: 5.95 m 76 cm 35 kg 60 – 140 kg

The Bombaloza is extremely easy to row and very stable, making it great for beginners or adaptive rowing. It has exceptional load carrying capacity, including a 40 litre water tight hatch in the foredeck. The Bombaloza is about ‘Adventure Rowing’ whether it is pounding over ocean swells or going on camping river trips.

Construction: The boat is constructed from marine grade plywood, 4mm for the hull and 18mm for the centre deck and ribs. The hull is a hard chine semi-displacement type design ideal for plywood panel construction. Plywood is a natural material that offers incredible strength and toughness that stands the test of time. The wood is coated with two layers of epoxy resin and re-enforced with glass-fibre tape. The Bombaloza is a very simple design and construction that can easily be built from a kit, using a basic set of hand tools and DIY skills. Rigging: The Bombaloza is fitted with two-stay aluminium riggers that are bolted directly to the centre deck. The 18mm plywood deck and ribs provides the boat with the core strength and rigidity to support the riggers and distribute the loads applied to the boat. Clearance above the water is maximized with the bent-stay design. Stretcher: The Bombaloza has no fixed rowing shoes. Instead, a glassfibre moulded footplate with heel cups is used. This is ideal for quick and easy entry or exit from the boat. The footplate has been shaped and optimally positioned to support the feet for enjoyable confident rowing.

Seat: The seat is moulded from glass-fibre, specifically designed with extra curvature and width to offer maximum comfort for enjoyable rowing. All seats are supplied in Signal Red.

The most fun you can have in a sculling boat
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Price: R16,500 (inc VAT)