Dear Mr.

Morgan, I am in receipt of a letter purporting to be from your campaign dated today and signed by an “Emery Phipps” using the title “Political Director, Friends of Seth Morgan.” The letter is utterly wrong, and exhibits a reckless disregard for the truth. Mr. Borges was in fact the target of an overzealous political prosecution that targeted former State Treasurer Joe Deters, for whom Mr. Borges worked at the time – an investigation that did not result in charges against Mr. Deters. Following the 2004 news report cited, the case against Mr. Borges was dismissed and sealed by the court. This is not an “expunged” conviction – the case was thrown out by the judge and even the record that it was filed was sealed. I have attached a copy of the judgment entry for your convenience. Mr. Borges has since worked for numerous campaigns in Ohio and other states, including the 2008 presidential campaign. In none of those campaigns did anyone stoop so low as to try to make Mr. Borges’ dismissed case an issue – not even Barack Obama’s political operative, David Axelrod. I am shocked and saddened that your campaign appears to have slid into the gutter of “politics as usual.” You and I have both received the support of numerous citizens and patriots in the grassroots movements who are fed up with mud-slinging and name calling. Less than two months into your first statewide campaign, it seems you have abandoned your principles. Should you one day achieve the seat toward which your ambition drives you, I hope you will prove to be more cautious in learning the facts before taking public action. Your power now is only the name-calling power of the playground to wound; in office, it would be the power of destruction and injustice. It is possible your staff has taken this action without your knowledge. I hope that you are the man you claim to be and will immediately disavow this letter with a new letter of apology. Yours,

Paid for by Yost for Auditor, William Curlis, Treasurer 865 Macon Avenue, Columbus OH 43206

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