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Contact: Joe Smith 860-862-6414 Mohegan Tribe of Indians Names Chief Lynn Malerba to be 17” Chief of the Mohegan Tribe (Uncasville, CT - March 4, 2010) ~ The Council of Eiders of the Mohegan Tribe today announced they have chosen Lynn Malerba, of Uncasville, to serve as the Chief of the Mohegan Tribe filling the position that has been vacant since the passing of Chief Ralph ‘Sturges (Mohegan name G'tinemong) in 2007. Malerba will be the 17" Chief in the Tribe's history. She currently serves as the Tribal Council's Chairwoman. Malerba will be known by the Mohegan name “Mutawi Mutahash” which translates as “Many Hearts.” Robert Soper, Sr. Chairman of the Council of Elders who serve as the guardians of culture and history for the Tribe, said the Council was unanimous in its support for Malerba’s “excellent character, her exceptional diplomacy, her outstanding leadership, and her devotion to the Mohegan Tribe and its people.” The position of Chief of the Mohegan Tribe is a lifetime appointment. Malerba will continue to Serve as Chairwoman of the Tribal Council until her induction as Chief on August 15 during homecoming ceremonies at Fort Shantok, the tribe’s ancestral lands in Uncasville. A special election will be held to fill Malerba’s vacated seat on the nine-member Tribal Council Malerba is one of seven children born to Loretta Fielding Roberge, the granddaughter of Matahga (a.k.a. Burrill Fielding, 1862-1952), who served as Chief of the Mohegan Tribe from 1937 until his death in 1952. Roberge called her daughter's appointment ‘an overwhelming honor for my family and for our tribal members.” Roberge continued, “I know in my heart that Lynn will follow in the footsteps of many great chiefs, and:continue the strong leadership role of women in the Mohegan Tribe as we move forward together into the 21st Century. Lynn will protect and preserve our history, culture and tradition, for now, and for future generations. May she walk forward with pride, dignity and honesty as the new female Chief of the Mohegans.” THE MOHEGAN TRIBE 5 Crow Hill Road * Uncasville, CT 06382. * Telephone (860) 862-6100 Malerba grew up in the Mohegan Hill area of the Town of Montville, and her early education took place at Mohegan Elementary School (where she was part of the inaugural first grade) and Montville High School. She grew up with an awareness of the Mohegans’ struggle for federal recognition, and acknowledges the spiritual guidance of her mother; Mohegan medicine woman Gladys Tantaquidgeon; and her great aunt Loretta Fielding Schultz, Malerba has served on the Tribal Council, the governing body of the Mohegan Tribe, since being elected by her fellow tribal members in 2005. Following the 2005 election, she was selected by her fellow councilors to take the position of Vice Chairwoman, and after winning re- election in 2009, she was named Chairwoman. Her previous experience within the Tribe also includes serving as Executive Director of the Tribe's Health and Human Services department. Outside of the Tribe, she has worked as a nurse, nurse manager and Director of Cardiology and Pulmonary Services at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in New London, Connecticut. She currently serves on the Hospital's Board of Directors. Malerba also earned a Master's in Public Policy from the University of Connecticut in 2008. Malerba lives in Uncasville, Connecticut with her husband Paul, and they have two adult daughters, Elizabeth and Angela. -30-

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