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(A Government of India Enterprise)



(An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Institution)
Kaimanam, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 040

Phone: 0471- 2526200, 2526201, 2491825

BSNL Regional Telecom Training Centre

RTTC Trivandrum is the professional training

institute of BSNL, the telecom pioneer of India.
BSNL has been imparting training in modern
Information & Telecommunication technology and
Management to its executives in this training
centre. The ISO 9001:2000 certified executive
training institute is equipped with state-of-the-art
telecom technology labs, which include switching
systems of OCB-Alcatel France & CDOT make,
transmission systems in digital microwave, fibre
optics, SDH, STM rings and data communication
systems with Internet nodes, Wi-Fi equipments, IP
MPLS VPN and Cisco routers.

The faculty members are highly qualified

technocrats and experienced professionals from
among various telecom specialities. Hostel, Library
and Recreational amenities are also available in
this beautiful green campus.

BSNL as part of the social responsibility has now

decided to offer the training facilities to
Engineering students/ Engineers and General public
at nominal course fee.

Training programs at a glance

 Basic Telecom Technology

 Fibre Optic Cables and Systems
 GSM CDMA Mobile Communication
 Advanced Computer Networking
 Advanced Cisco Router Configuration and
 PC Hardware
 Corporate Training

Program details
Basic Telecom Technology
This course focuses on building a strong foundation in
telecommunication technology. The course is recommended for
Engineering Degree/ Diploma holders/ Engineering students to
bond their academic knowledge with the realistic environment.

Course Contents
• Fundamentals of Telephony & Telecom Equipments
• Introduction to Telecom Switching Systems
• Introduction to Telecom Transmission Systems
• Introduction to Data Communication
• Fundamentals of Networking
• Overview of Wireless Telecommunication (GSM & CDMA)
• Introduction to IP Network Services (Internet, VPN, Leased
data circuits)
• Introduction to Next Generation Networks
• OCB Exchange visit
• C-DOT Exchange Visit
• Optical Fiber Cable Lab and Cable Splicing Demo
• Transmission Systems Lab Visit
• NIB Node Visit
• High speed Internet browsing using EVDO, Broadband etc
• Wi-Fi Hotspot Demo
• PSTN, ISDN, CDMA - CPE Lab Visit
• GPRS Access Demo

Duration : 1 Week (Monday to Saturday)

Timing : 9.30 AM to 5 PM
Course Fee : Rs. 3000 + Taxes as applicable.

Fibre Optic Cables and Systems

This course provides hands on training on setting up and

maintenance of fiber optic networks. It describes in great detail
fiber optic cables, connectorization, splicing, passive devices
and systems. It examines the system engineering built into fiber
optic receivers, transmitters, and test equipment. It also
incorporates many of the current industry standards pertaining to
optical fiber communication. The course is recommended for
Physics/ Engineering Degree/ Diploma holders currently
working or intended to work in fibre optics design, installation
and maintenance.

Course Contents

• Basic Principles of Light

• Principles of Fiber Optic Transmission
• Optical Fiber Construction and Theory

• Optical Fiber Characteristics
• Fiber Optic Cables
• Fusion splicing/ribbon
• Connectors
• Fiber Optic Light Sources
• Fiber Optic Detectors and Receivers
• Passive Components and Multiplexers
• Cable Installation and Hardware
• Fiber Optic Systems and Design Considerations
• Test Equipment and Link/Cable Testing
• Link/Cable Troubleshooting
• Safety

Duration : 1 Week (Monday to Saturday)

Timing : 9.30 AM to 5 PM
Course Fee : Rs 6000 + Taxes as applicable.

GSM – CDMA Mobile Communication Technology

This course focuses on building a strong foundation in GSM and

CDMA technology. It describes in great detail about the
theoretical and implementation aspects of Mobile
Communication Engineering. The course is suitable for
Graduates, Engineering Degree/ Diploma holders and
Engineering students.

Course Contents

• Principles of Mobile Communication

• Cellular Concepts
• GSM Architecture, BSS & Radio Interface, BTS Hardware,
BSC Hardware
• Mobility & Call Management
• MSC-OMC, CSR & WAP, Billing concepts, GSM Planning,
• GPRS and EDGE Network Architecture
• GSM Location Based Services
• CDMA Concept & IS 95 A, CDMA 2000 1X Architecture
• Call processing, WLL planning, Value Added and
Supplementary Services
• Subscriber Management And Instrument Demo
• Evolution towards 3G, WCDMA and UMTS networks
• 3G Services
• Visit to MSC and Network installations.

Duration : 2 Weeks
Timing : 9.30 AM to 5 PM
Course Fee : Rs.6000 + Taxes as applicable.

Advanced Computer Networking

The course describes in detail the advanced functions of system
administration and operations for design and implementation of
enterprise computer networks. The course is recommended for
Engineering Degree/ Diploma holders, Engineering students,
Graduates, Working computer professionals.

Course Contents
• Network Overview
• TCP/IP Protocol
• IP Addressing /sub netting/ VLSM/CIDR
• LAN Configuration
• File sharing, Network Printer sharing, Internet connection
sharing, Proxy server/ Broadband Communication Utilities.
• Installation & Configuration of Windows 2003 Server
• Domain/Domain Controller
• File Server/ Distributed File System (DFS)/ Telnet
• Web hosting/ FTP/DNS/ DHCP/ e-mail Configuration
• Routing and Remote Access/ VPN configuration
• Wi-Fi configuration
• Internet Routing Principles and Router Configuration
• Static Routing
• Dynamic Routing/ Configuration of Routing protocols
• Introduction to Linux networking
• Firewall & Network Security
• Network Commands/Trouble Shooting

Duration : 2 Weeks
Timing : 9.30 AM to 5 PM
Course Fee : Rs.5400 + Taxes as applicable.

Advanced Cisco-Router Configuration and MPLS VPN.

The IP-MPLS technology has revolutionised the whole data

communication networks with the provision of unlimited
bandwidths. The present course is designed to have a hands on
training in Cisco Routers, MPLS and MPLS-VPN
administration, which helps those professionals who are striving
for a bright future in the IP-MPLS Networking field.

Course contents
• Inter networking Concepts
• Cisco Router architecture
• Cisco IOS
• Managing Networks
• Basic Router configuration
• WAN Protocols
• IP Routing –Static and Default Routing
• Dynamic Routing and Routing Protocols
• Configuring Routing protocols- RIP, IGRP,OSPF and BGP
• Configuring NAT
• Access Lists

• MPLS and its features
• MPLS VPNs-Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs
• MPLS Configuration in Cisco Routers
• Layer 3 MPLS VPN Configuration in Cisco Routers
• Configuring MPLS VPN with eBGP and Static Routing
• MPLS QoS and Traffic Engineering

Duration : 2 Weeks
Timing : 9.30 AM to 5 PM
Course Fee : Rs. 10000/-(Inclusive of all taxes)

PC Hardware

This course imparts hands-on training on assembling, trouble

shooting and maintenance of computers and accessories. The
course is suitable for Graduates, Engineering Degree/ Diploma
holders and Engineering students,

Course Contents
• Introduction to PCs/Input/output Devices
• PC Cabinet/ SMPS
• Storage Devices/Motherboard/Microprocessors
• Memory/Audio/Video Devices/Modem Configuration
• UPS/Assembling PC
• Loading Operating System
• Loading Application Software/ Device Drivers/ Utilities
• Troubleshooting
• Using Printers/ Scanners/ Webcam/ Digicam

Duration : 1 Week (Monday to Saturday)

Timing : 9.30 AM to 5 PM
Course Fee : Rs. 2700 + Taxes as applicable.

Corporate Training

BSNL RTTC provides creative training solutions to meet the

requirements of professionals and corporate organisations.

For Registration and Details

Please contact

Sub Divisional Engineer (Training)

0471- 2526200, 2526201, 2491825

Sub Divisional Engineer (Marketing)


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