Reusable Bags & Social Justice

Reusable Cloth bags are Biodegradable. Poly-Bag was banned in Bangladesh since 2002. Since then the Cloth Bags and Jute bags took place there. This is the country where IPM-FFS Cotton (Environment Friendly) farming is well established and Clothing manufacturing is very effective there. Also the country is world’s largest Jute exporter and the best qualities Jute are grown there. The sad part of history is the Occidental activity is affecting their lives in Bangladesh. According to the article in Leisa Magazine in October 26 2009, One citizen in the US is responsible for emissions as large as the emissions of 107 Bangladeshi. Also in February 19, 2007 the Independent News in UK says, Bangladesh, At the mercy of climate change. The large forest in Bangladesh named Sundarbans is the most untouched place on Earth and home to the largest population of tigers left in the wild. But the trees in the Sundarbans have suddenly started dying. Scientists think the trees are dying because, in recent years, the water has turned from fresh to salty. The Sundarbans is a massive mangrove swamp, and the sea has begun encroaching. What we are seeing may be one of the first casualties of rising sea levels caused by global warming. This is the sort of effect rising sea levels will have on Bangladesh. We are fighting climate change on the front line. But the battle has to be integrated across all countries." Occidental activity is affecting lives in Bangladesh by the climate change. So creating green job for Bangladesh through buying cloth bags from Bangladesh may do part of our social justice on that sense. Cost effective Manufacturing but maintaining Fair Labor practice in Bangladesh is very viable. So why not use a real Reusable Bag made of Cotton or Jute and Made in Bangladesh. That will show our social justness.

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