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TiC based composite coating on AISI 304 steel by

using high intensity heat source (Laser beam and

TIG) of preplaced powder

The surface mechanical property of AISI 304 stainless steel was improved by TiC
coating deposited through laser surface engineering process using a laser beam.
Depending on the pulse laser parameters, TiC either deposited or dispersed on the
surface of steel substrate. Depth and width of laser processed TiCsteel
composite layer has been deliberated from the SEM images at the transverse cross
section of the laser scanned samples. The produced coating exhibited
significantly higher hardness compared to the steel substrate. Coating thickness,
dilution of TiC on substrate surface, and hardness of the coating were determined
using various pulse laser processing parameters, i.e., peak power and pulse
frequency. At low pulse frequency and peak power condition, relatively thick and
uniform coating of TiC was deposited over the substrate. However, at higher
pulse frequency and peak power condition, TiC-dispersed steel composite coating
was produced.