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Plant geography: is that branch of botany that deals with the

spatial relationships of plants both in present and past. Its aim to

record, and if possible to explain, the distribution of the plants
over the world's surface. It's concerned with the correlation
between plants and the distribution of the external condition.

The Natural vegetation described as belonging to one or other of

the three types only. It's either forest of a sort, grassland of a sort,
or some kind of desert.

Vegetation, flora and Plant Ecology:

*Vegetation: is the general effect produced by the growth of
some or all of the species in combination and it's chiefly a matter
of quantitative characters.
*Flora: is the total of the species within its boundaries and is
chiefly a matter of quality.
*Plant Ecology: particularly concerned with the way in
which plants are mutually related to each other and the
conditions of their habitat.

The Flowering Plants and Their Classification:

Plant Kingdom

Comprising all the plants Comprising all the those which

whichPhanerogams Cryptogams
reproduce by means of
reproduce by means of seeds. simpler structures called
Phanerogams(seed plants)

The seeds are generally borne in The seeds are generally borne in
cones and are not protected by any
Gymnosperms flowers and are produced in
exterior structures except the enclosed structures called carpels.
cones themselves may shelter

Monocotyledons Dicotyledons
Have long narrow Have board and net
leaves with parellel veins leaves.
veins such as
grasses and lilies.

The Nomenclature of Plants: I the science of their name. It's

often cause of bewilderment to those who are not familiar with
its principles.

Linnaeus The Swedish botanist ,whose method of naming is to

give each species of plants two names only: Generic and specific