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Scrlbd's Cpen Þlauorm for e8eaders and Moblle
uevlces (5CÞLD) ls a seL of AÞls LhaL allows vou Lo
bulld a mlnl-verslon of Scrlbd lnLo anv moblle devlce
or e8eader. 1hrouah SCÞLu, vour cusLomers have
dlrecL access Lo 5cr|bd's m||||ons of documents,
ranalna from professlonallv publlshed books Lo user
aeneraLed documenLs, lncludlna research papers,
poems, reclpes, and more.
1he AÞls lncluded ln SCÞLu make lL posslble Lo
browse, search, and read boLh free and for-purchase
conLenL. ?ou selecL Lhe feaLures LhaL besL sulL vour
needs, and besL of all, Lhere are no fees or charaes.*
WanL Lo learn more? lor Lechnlcal documenLauon, read our SCÞLu Culdellnes. lf vou would
llke more lnformauon on our AÞls or parLnershlp opporLunlues, e-mall blzdev«scrlbd.com.
*A revenue spllL on Scrlbd documenL purchases applles should vou enable purchaslna.