1. See Junior Division General Livestock Rules. 2. All exhibitors are required to wear white shirts with black or white pants while exhibiting animals in the ring. 3. All animals must be continuously owned and personally cared for by exhibitor not less than 90 days prior to the New Mexico State Fair check-in day, or be participating in a 4-H or FFA lease program. 4. If there are any questions about age, identification or breed of any dairy animal, the Bovine Superintendent, Livestock Committee and the VCCExpo Veterinarian will make the appropriate determination about eligibility. 5. Bring Registration Papers, Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement to the check-in at the Expo. 6. Dairy Cattle must be accompanied by a Certificate for the breeder of the animal stating sire, dam and birth date. A Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement is also required. 7. Where there is no competition, animals may be awarded first, second, third or no premium according to the merit of the animal. This is to be done at the total discretion of the judge.

All Breed Groups 1. Spring Heifer Calf born after February 28, 2010. 2. Winter Heifer Calf born December 2009, January 2010, or February 2010. 3. Fall Heifer Calf born September, October, or November 2009. 4. Summer Yearling Heifer born June, July, or August 2009. 5. Spring Yearling Heifer born March, April, or May 2009. 6. Winter Yearling Heifer born December 2008, January or February 2009. 7. Fall Yearling Heifer born September, October, or November 2008. 8. The Grand and Reserve will be selected from the First and Second Place of each class.

9. One replacement Heifer can be sold.

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