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05. 08. 2015. (v1.12.

[Fixed] Loading of some .sfr file on languages other then English
28. 07. 2015. (v1.12.5)
[Added] German language for fw 1.0-1.16.x
23. 07.

2015. (v1.12.4)
IEDM active project file on form headline
IEDM datamodel 1.13.0 supported
Function output 8 is visible for firmware 1.0-1.14.x
ANSI 50G/51G doubled parameters (2030-2033)
Export to pdf control and interlocking
IEDM opening older project file v1.0.0

25. 06. 2015. (v1.12.3)
[Fixed] Changed unit for Analog input from [kVAR] to [kvar] nad [F] to [°F]
[Fixed] Parameter 7001 value could not be changed
19. 06.

2015. (v1.12.2)
IEDM during the transfer to device if rptEna value reset reports error t
procedure stops
Unit for Analog outputs 1 and 5 is changed from [mA] to [V]
IEDM sending empty dataSet to device during transfer to device

17. 06. 2015. (v1.12.1)
[Fixed] After parameter file has been read from device the number of parametrize
d extended boards is wrong
[Fixed] User page: LED color setting is wrong (black instead of red) when readin
g is carried out with SCPT set on German
[Fixed] In projected information the letter "i" is missed in word "including"
[Fixed] EBS: When changing board type then all activated boards below of the to
be changed board automatically are set to "None"
[Fixed] Copy device: EBS BI was not copied
[Fixed] The Profibus parameters do not depend on order code
[Fixed] IEDM IED name error message
[Fixed] IEDM project file loading error
[Fixed] IEDM export to SCD enum type
[Fixed] IEDM save of project file error
[Fixed] IEDM ConnectedAP node not updated in cid file after reading from device
[Fixed] IEDM GoID error when writing to device
02. 06. 2015. (v1.12.0)
[Added] Firmware 1.0-1.16.x support
[Added] 1.0-1.6.0 order code support
[Added] SCPT User information is changeable
[Added] IEC 61850 latest version support
[Added] EBS system implemented
[Added] EBS info
[Added] Image in the User Pages
[Added] Analog outputs 1 and 5
[Added] LVM parameters
[Added] ANSI 37 - Undercurrent
[Added] ANSI 52 - Pole discordance, parameters: 3718 - 3752, events: 2523 - 2536
[Added] Analog inputs, parameters & events: P5740 - P5799
[Added] ANSI 47 - Negative phase sequence, parameters: 3674 - 3717, events: 2497
- 2522
[Added] ANSI 81R - df(dt (ROCOF), parameters: 3582 - 3673, events: 2471 - 2496
[Added] New parameter: Differential: 9441 (Explanation: The functionality of 600
05 is kept with new parameter 9441.)
[Added] New parameters and event - EBS general and constellation parameter added

SYSTEM\Graphic: 60050.11) [Changed] Parameter revised .Filter) 20.10) [Changed] Revised showing "SWITCH GEAR CONTROL" menu trees in relate to 1-5.1629 [Changed] Parameter removed: Graphic: 60005 [Changed] Parameter revised: ANSI 46: 2893. 30.x or der code.P7274 and P7278 (PMS . (v1. E4100 [Added] Menu tree revised .EBS Binary inputs and EBS Function outputs [Added] Fault and event recorder window search. (v1.11. 2015.x firmware IEDM rptID updating after change of IED name 19.11.Added: SYSTEM\Communication\FTP [Added] New parameter .11. (v1.13) [Fixed] Parameter file conversion PLC inverted input element 14.Power factor controller) [Changed] Parameter revised .SYSTEM\Communication\FTP: 980 . 04.12) [Fixed] Parameter file conversion when tool is on different language then Englis h 11.995 [Added] Menu tree revised .9044.P7002 renamed [Changed] New event . 2933. 2897. 05. (v1.8) User page button and SE widget Language file transfer for 1. 2015. 2957 [Changed] Parameter revised .11.Added: SYSTEM\Communication\RSTP [Added] New parameter .SYSTEM\Graphic: 60051 [Added] Menu tree revised .11. (v1. 2917.0 supported [Added] IEDM move up and down of DataSet elements [Added] IEDM descriptions for EBS supported by linking device through IED Manage r [Added] IEDM descriptions for treeview model supported [Changed] Parameter revised . 2913. (v1.11. 9045 . 2015. 2015. 03.11.12. 03. 2015.I/O\General: P4100-4101.11.991 [Added] IEDM datamodel 1.9065 [Changed] Parameter revised: ANSI 27Q [Changed] Parameter removed ANSI 81R .SYSTEM\Communication\RSTP: 992 . 2953. 05.7) [Fixed] Analog outputs . Max value revised. events: 1600 .df(dt (ROCOF): 1910 . [Changed] Parameter revised: Default value changed: 9024 .Event 6586 is renamed [Changed] IEDM transfer (device to PC and PC to device) optimized with decreased waiting times [Changed] IEDM new live log of communication in main menu [Changed] IEDM opening project file [Changed] IEDM deleting DO or DA item in DataSet [Changed] IEDM rptID updating after change of IED name [Fixed] FW version not shown in compare devices when other language then English is selected [Fixed] Conversion of Parameter file version 29.1974. 05..0-1. [Fixed] [Fixed] [Fixed] 2015. P4110-4237.P806 (System . 2937. 2015.9) [Fixed] Conversion of Parameter file version 25. 03. filter and sort functions [Added] Print of ser and sfr files [Added] Display settings in Windows 7/8 operating system [Added] New parameter . (v1.

2015.11.New item: SYSTEM\Measuring\DC voltage [Added] Menu tree revised .16. 2015.11. 03. (v1.Undercurrent [Added] Fault recorder supports DCVM protection [Fixed] AO: Options of parameter "Select" were corrected. [Fixed] ANSI 25A: For all events the "A" letter has been added. (v1.8.11. [Fixed] AO: Unit for cos phi doesn't exist (parameters "Full scale".New item: PROTECTION\DCVM .1) [Fixed] Parameter file transfer is working only when SCPT is set to English lang uage [Fixed] Widget moving with cursor keys in User Pages [Fixed] When reading User Pages from device square LED widget is converted as ci rcle LED [Fixed] Export to PDF customer main page window size [Changed] German language [Fixed] Profibus is shown according to order code 03. [Added] [Added] [Added] 2014. 02. 2015.x [Changed] German language 24.2) [Added] Showing BO and BI according to order code [Fixed] Corrected error with SCPT AutoUpdate function with checked UAC box [Fixed] Same parameters shown twice in ANSI 25A [Fixed] Language file problem for FW 1.3) [Added] Showing ANSI 25A according to order code 23.0-1. 03. 10.0) Firmware 1. 02.x support German language Polish language . (v1. 03.5) [Fixed] Edit Substation and Device [Fixed] Function outputs 1-8 parameters [Changed] Shunt trip 1 Normally closed parameter always visible [Changed] German language 02. 2015.New item: PROTECTION\ANSI 37 .0) [Added] Firmware 1. 2015. (v1. 02. 2015.0 [Fixed] Reading parameters from device for Interlocking (from file and from devi ce) [Changed] German language 12. (v1.11.DC voltage monitoring [Added] Menu tree revised .15. (v1.10.6) [Fixed] IED Manager opening project file [Fixed] IED Manager deleting DO or DA item in DataSet [Fixed] IED Manager transfer PC to device [Fixed] Changing of IED name [Fixed] Analog outputs default values [Fixed] Conversion of Parameter file version [Changed] Polish language translation 06.0-1.PMS\Generator control: 7006-7011 [Added] Menu tree revised .0-1.0-1.x support [Added] Serbian language [Added] New Parameter .11. (v1. 12.11. "Zero scale " and "Substitute value" are affected). 2015.11.4) [Fixed] IED Manager ip address input field [Fixed] Shunt trip 1 Normally closed parameter for firmware 1. 02. (v1.11.14.

x firmware in ANSI 50/51 and ANSI 50G/51G Parameter 60031 is now only way to set User Pages starting window 19.3) [Changed] Allow to resize Compare window [Added] Message when deleting all files in Disturbance recorder window .9.5) [Changed] Binary inputs shown according to order code 12.8. 02. 07. 2014.9. P9451 [Changed] Avoidance of system interlocking via user levels and activation time [Changed] Adaptation of HMI-layout [Changed] Visual layout of Lockout relay [Changed] Binary outputs .ser file [Fixed] Copy structure and device includes copying substation description and de vice display title 19. 7120. 2014. 5868. 7007.9. 7250-7278. 2014.9) [Added] Select all/copy enabled in Event recorder 21. 5841.8) User pages option in Tools menu Missing events in 1. 02. 02. 7180. 5860.9.Output function "OFF" option replaced with "MONASTABL E-I" [Changed] Changed parameters: 5839. 7121. [Added] [Fixed] [Fixed] 2014. 5846.0-1. 2014.9.7) [Added] IED Template [Changed] Parameters 60050. new events: 7006.4) [Fixed] Resolving bug in calibration system parameters 11. 58 67. (v1. Binary inputs and Binary outputs data was not loaded when reading f rom device on program start [Fixed] COMTRADE trigger time 28. 2014. 03. 3435 [Changed] Find Parameters/Events window [Changed] Disturbance recorder window: Get File renamed to Save file [Fixed] Reading from device inverted input elements in PLC [Fixed] User pages: Reading Arc angle from device [Fixed] User pages: Measure element size depending on zoom settings [Fixed] User pages: Importing of breaker widgets [Fixed] User pages: Triangle widget drawing changed [Fixed] Event recorder: Cleaning list of events before importing of .9. (v1. 5854. 5853.9. (v1. 2014.9. 2014. (v1. 02. (v1. (v1. 5840.6) [Fixed] Error when reading disturbance recorder files [Fixed] IED Manager sending parameters blocked when no IED loaded 14. 91525 [Added] PMS: new parameter: 7200-7228. (v1. 5855. (v1. 03. 7181 [Added] Energy: P9450. 05. 5874 [Changed] Controller parameters from ANSI 25 moved to ANSI 25A [Changed] Removed Parameters: 91520-91525 [Changed] Voltage check tab got new path in ANSI 25 [Fixed] PLC.10) [Added] Showing all Binary inputs 07.[Added] ConfRev manual change of value [Added] Analog outputs [Added] PMS according to order code [Added] Setup: new parameter: 91524. 5869.

01. 04.1) [Changed] Removed German language from language selection [Changed] IED Manager modification [Fixed] Fault recorder file open 06. (v1. 2013.4) [Fixed] IED Manager small fixes 16.8.8. (v1. (v1.3) [Fixed] IED Manager 14. 01.10.9. 2014. (V1. 2013. 03.8. 2013.0-1. (v1.2) [Changed] Program start up speed improved 27. 2013. [Added] [Added] [Added] [Added] ns [Added] [Added] [Added] [Added] [Added] 2013.6) [Fixed] Alarm number in compare devices [Fixed] Rare problem with decimal point 23.9. (v1.8.0) Fault recorder Event recorder IED Manager New operation information screen that appears on time demanding operatio ANSI 74TC. 09. Paste in Alarm Pages 13. 08. 08.8. ANSI 50BF Change parameter set option in Tool German language implementation for SCPT layout German language implementation for SCPT parameters Option Cancel during exit of the program .8.5) [Fixed] Copy.1) [Changed] PMS always visible in Device tree and in Write to Device window [Changed] Conversion of Parameter file version speed improved [Fixed] Opening Project files created with older versions of SYMAP-Compact Param eter Compact [Fixed] Conversion of Parameter file version 26. 09.0) [Added] Parameter information window [Added] General information window [Added] Export to PDF Main Page [Added] Export to COMTRADE format [Added] Flash languages in Tools menu [Added] User pages page select during import [Changed] Program start up speed improved [Changed] Working with multiple devices speed improved [Changed] Search parameter improved [Changed] Device tree options showing depending on order code [Fixed] User pages imoprt and export 11.8. 2014. (V1. 12.4. (v1. 2013.2) [Fixed] User Pages line type in line widget [Fixed] IED Manager small fixes 22.0) [Added] Disturbance recorder [Added] Read and write data over Ethernet [Added] New order code support (v1. 02. (v1.0) [Added] New firmware version support (v1. (v1.9. 2013. 2014.11.

CTRL-V. parameter is selected [Added] Select All.0-1. new protection tree [Added] New parameters [Added] Support for Device firmware version 1.[Added] Possibility to compare 2 devices regardless of parameter file version [Added] First page and Contents page added to Export to PDF [Added] Binary Inputs to Export to PDF [Added] Check all and Uncheck all buttons in Compare and Export to PDF [Added] When searching parameters.6. (v1. Copy. CTRL-X operations in user pages [Added] Multiple selection allowed using CTRL key in user pages [Added] Deselection from a group available with SHIFT key in user pages [Added] After paste function widgets that are copied stays selected in user page s [Changed] SCPT starting time greatly improved [Changed] Improved loading project files [Changed] Menu tree revised [Changed] Parameters change [Changed] Breaker and Feedback limitations depending on Order code [Changed] When exiting Alarms confirmation window shows if data is changed but n ot saved [Changed] Minor changes to Conversion report [Fixed] User level data loading problem that occures under specific circumstance s [Fixed] Problem with loading Fault recorder data [Fixed] Loosing default screen and screen names in user pages on device and stru cture copy [Fixed] Bug in User pages for LED on button Change click [Fixed] Movement of multiple widgets when snap to grid is activated [Fixed] Double selection during Copy/Paste [Fixed] Other smaller fixes and changes more question "Are you sure you want to exit" [Fixed] Text for rounded button in user pages [Fixed] Size of the rectangle around Textlabel in user pages [Fixed] Changing device settings [Fixed] Order of Breakers (round and square) in User pages [Fixed] Line moving with zoom larger then 100% and grid with snap turned on in U .0 [Added] Support for Order code version 1-2. substation and device [Changed] Added shortcuts to main options in menu [Changed] Focus changed on buttons for faster device creation and in other windo ws [Changed] Images for Compact and Compact+ depending on order code [Changed] Exit from program . Paste and Cut to TextLabel in user pages [Added] CTRL-C. +360) in user pages [Changed] Improved drawing in zoom mode in user pages [Changed] Changed icons for project. 2013.0 [Added] Support for HW version 1-2. 01.7.0 [Added] Breaker control limitations depending on Order code [Added] New Protection: ANSI79 Automatic reclosing [Added] New parameters for Counter P720-725 [Added] New parameters for Protection: ANSI79 [Added] New parameters for Protection: YG Neutral admittance [Added] Added new line options in UP [Added] Edit project item added to right click on project [Changed] Improved line drawing in User pages [Changed] Breaker counter [Changed] Buttons for Transfering data To/From device [Changed] Improved widgets movement with cursor keys in user pages [Changed] Changed Arc widget angle (-360.0) [Added] Added in Export to PDF Alarms and Led parameters [Added] User levels.

2012. 08.6. 11.3.AND/OR.x [Fix] Line move in User Pages [Added] Copy/Paste in User Pages on different position [Added] New parameters for PROFIBUS (910. TIMER and TIME SWITCH LE [Added] SCPT splash screen [Added] Splash screeen can be customized [Changed] ANSI 25 parameters changed [Fixed] User Pages fix for LED and Measuring Unit [Fixed] User Pages LED bug on copy 03.0 [Added] New buttom Main menu in User Pages [Added] New parameters [Fix] Fixed Output function in Binary Outputs 05. 07.3. 04.0 [Changed] Order Code updated to version 1-1. 05.[Fix] Entering UserPages .x and Hardware versio n 0-0. 911. 09. XOR.4. FLIP-FLOP.1) . (v1.0) [Added] Device firmware version 1. (v1.0) [Added] Device firmware version 1. (v1. 2012.0 [Changed] Descriptions for LED parameters 15. 2012.0-1. 05. 2012. [Added] Support for the Device firmware versions 1.4.0-1.3.[Added] Support for the Device firmware versions 1.1) [Fix] Breaker counters fixed for firmware version 1.4. (v1. NOR. (v1. (v1.2. 2012. 2012.1) [Fix] Minor bug fixes 20.0 [Added] New parameters [Added] Parameter file version converter [Added] Parameter conversion export to PDF [Added] Added PLC . 06. 04.0-1.0 28.0-1.0-1.x . 2012. (v1. 05.3. 912) in SYSTEM/Communication 27. (v1.2) [Fix] Parameters for firmware version 1.[Changed] When sending data to device added new option: Parameter file .[Fix] User Pages Breaker selection 13.ser pages [Fixed] Undo/Redo in User Pages [Fixed] Proper showing of inverted BO elements when loading form older SCPT vers ions [Fixed] Error when trying to change HW data [Fixed] Multiselect in user pages [Fixed] Problem with showing Text widget with empty string in user pages [Fixed] Problem with Invisible at event number deleted in user pages [Fixed] Problem when sending empty image in user pages to COMPACT 27.6. (v1. COUNTER. 2012.0-1. 2012.0) [Added] Device firmware version 1. 2012.0) .5. (v1.2 29.

2012.0) implementation 27.0-1.Release of the first version of SYMAP®-Compact Parameter Tool v1.0.1. 02. (v1.09.1. (v1.0) . 04.0) .[Added] New Device firmware and parameter file (v1.0 .0. 2012.