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Emmet and Bella's Adventure 6

Emmet and Bella's Adventure 6


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Published by Anna
Emmet and Bella come up with crzy ideas what do you think they will do.
Emmet and Bella come up with crzy ideas what do you think they will do.

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Published by: Anna on Mar 06, 2010
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I was attacked by a ? I really didn’t know what it was licking my face. What the hell.

“EDWARD STOP LAUGHING AND GET THIS THING OFF OF ME.” I screamed. He chuckled and pulled the thing off of me. It looked like that slug off of that movie ‘flushed away’ eww. I was still in my bra and panties and he was staring at me as I wiped the chocolate off my breast it not really working that well. I looked up to see all three of them looking at me with hungry eye’s. I sighed guys are so weird. “you guys act like you never saw a women in her bra and panties wiping chocolate off her boobs.” I chuckled. Then a very good idea popped into my head to tic all of them off. I walked over to Edward and licked the chocolate off his cheek. His breathing was heavy. I licked all the chocolate off his face but not touching them. He grabbed my face and started to attack my lips with his. He started to moan. I grinded into him making him hiss and kiss me harder. His hands moved down my back. I smirked at his lips and I pulled away from his. Even though I wanted to stay. “I am not jumping into that river again if another sluggy thing attacks me.” I said. Emmet snickered jasper had a lust

expression on his face and Edward just kept ogling my breast. Men are so stupid “Ok, let’s go slugsta” Emmet said. I groaned not another nick name. I imagined I was in a tiny pair of shorts and a small tank top. Edward gawked at me. I smiled and pecked him on the lips. “Looks like prudeward has some sexual tension” Emmet boomed. I giggled and grabbed Edwards hand and walked to the air balloon so that we could go home. I was really tired. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Edward’s house boring day I was sitting in Edwards lap watching Harry potter with Jasper and Emmet. They kept laughing at Edward because a guy in this movie looked a lot like him. I giggled every time the actor appeared on the screen. Edward got mad at me. I didn’t care that much. He better deal with it. “OMG EMMET I HAVE AN IDEA.” I screamed. He looked at me and smirked. “you do” he asked stupidly. I glared at him. Edward chuckled so I did something that always gets him going. I rubbed myself into him. He groaned and I shot a smirk at him. “Let’s go to Hogwarts and steal Edwards clone.” I said

“THAT IS AWSOME” He screamed. He threw me over his shoulder and ran. The only thing I heard in the back ground was Edward Screaming on the top of his lungs. When we got to Hogwarts we saw Edwards clone Cedric. I decided to take matter into my own hands. “Ok, jasper has the suck tape and I will get Cedric over here.” I said. They nodded and Edward looked pissed off. I walked over to Cedric he looked at me wide eyed. “Hello Cedric I found something over there in the woods can you come see what it is it’s scaring me a little.” I tried to be cute. He gulped and nodded. When we walked in Emmet grabbed him Edward took his wand and Jasper duck taped him. I giggled. “Told you I saw something scary.” I whispered in his ear. He looked at me with a weird look at that’s when I saw his erection. I giggled and walked to Edward and whispered to him. “Looks like you clone is likes me why don’t we play little games with him at home.” I said. He smirked at me. He slung me on his back and Emmet took Edward#2. This was going to be a funny week.

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