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Dear Parents,
I am delighted to introduce myself to you and let you know how pleased I am to be your
childs teacher this year. This is my eighth year of teaching at Tukes Valley Primary and 10 th year
of teaching overall. I previously taught First Grade and Kindergarten and am thrilled to be
starting my second year teaching 2nd grade. I believe whole heartedly in being a lifelong learner,
and I strive to practice what I teach. My husband Chris and I have been married for nine years
and we have 7 year old twins named Caiden and Madison. They are amazing kids and each day
bring a smile to our faces. Family, friends, and teaching are my biggest passions and I am eager to
get our new year started.
I am truly blessed this year with an opportunity to have a student teacher. Please be sure
to Phil Hawkins a warm Tukes Valley welcome. He is currently enrolled at Washington State
University Vancouver, looking to complete his degree in elementary education this spring and
become a certified teacher. He is a father/step-father of four and also has two small
granddaughters. He has spent the majority of his adult life working with children on a volunteer
basis through youth sports and teaching Sunday school and is very much looking forward to
working with your sons and daughters here at Tukes Valley Primary school this year.
Working with seven, and eight year olds is such a joy, and we are looking forward to a
year of exciting discoveries and unlimited growth! We also look forward to meeting and teaming
with each of you as we guide your child through more learning experiences. Please feel free to
contact us with questions or concerns through the school at 885-6200 ext. 8070 or e-mail us at .
The following information will give you an idea of what to expect and look for:

My classroom will open at 9:00. School officially begins at 9:10.


We will have two recesses every day to provide the students with a break
and opportunity to get fresh air and exercise. They will be engaged in
activities that foster gross/large motor skill development. The recess
times are 10:25-10:40 and 12:40-1:00. Please dress your child
appropriately for the weather each day.


The children will have a daily class snack. Please send in one box of
snack a month for the class to share. Some ideas for healthy snacks are;
apples or other fruit, crackers, pretzels, popcorn, cheese, raisins, etc. Try
to refrain from sending cookies or overly sugared snacks as these often
hinder student abilities to concentrate and learn. Please do not send in
drinks. We have a constant supply of water in the classroom available to
the students.


If you would like to send treats on your childs birthday please let me
know in advance. We will celebrate birthdays during our scheduled lunch

time at 12:20. If you choose to send invitations to school be sure to send

one for each child in the class or please find another way to deliver the
invitations. We currently have 22 students in our class. We will have
several celebrations throughout the year and parents are encouraged to
participate. Information concerning our annual celebrations will be
available at a later date.

I will be sending home Scholastic book order forms every month. This
is solely for your convenience and you are under no obligation to order
books. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to receive the books. This is an
excellent opportunity to purchase quality books at reasonable prices.


Please send in your students school supplies as soon as possible. Do not

place your childs name on any of the items. Some will be put away until
later in the year and the other will be used as community supplies that all
students can us and share. This is a wonderful way to build community
and caring within the classroom. Your child will have their own pencil
box with all of their supplies, and it will be refilled as need with all extra
supplies. It is easier to do this when they do not have names on them.
Supplies will go home at the end of the year. There are NO fees this year
for MSDS or our classroom magazine. The district asks that you provide
your child a backpack.


Breakfast is available each day from 8:40-9:00 for $1.65. Hot lunch
costs $2.45 and milk is 75 cents. The school will be using the lunch
debit system. You can send in a check or cash for your childs meals
and the money will be put onto their account. You may also check the
balance and make a deposit online at under
Parents and Community and then Nutrition Services. When it gets
low, the lunchroom will let your child know to bring in more money to
put on the account. Free and reduced breakfasts and lunches are
available to qualifying families. Forms should go home soon.

PARENT HELPERS: Parent helpers are a huge asset and always welcome in the classroom.
If you are interested in being a parent helper, please fill out and return
the attached form. I will be asking volunteers to start in the classroom in
October and will contact you beforehand to set a schedule. Please
remember that you must have a clearance in the office to volunteer in the
class or go on field trips. If you had a clearance last year at any Battle
Ground School District school it is good for another year here. If you
filed your volunteer form two years ago, you will need to fill out a new
one. These forms can be picked up in the office or if you go to and under Parents and Community click
Volunteer Opportunities you can download an application. Thank you
for your help!

Washington State Law requires that all absences and tardies be excused
in writing. Please provide a written note upon your childs return to
school explaining the absence. If you know in advance that your child is

going to be absent, a note can be given to the school before the absence
occurs. You may also call the schools absence line at 885-6225.

If your child is going to be riding a bus other than their own or going
home differently than normal, I must receive a written note, email, or
phone call to confirm the change in how they will be going home. If I
dont receive a note, your child will be sent home the way they have
regularly scheduled with me and the office. I care a lot about the safety
of your kid and I want to be sure they are taken care of.


It is a good idea to write your childs name on items of clothing that

they may take off during school, such as coats, hats, mittens, etc.
Putting your childs name on their lunchbox is a good idea as well. If an
item turns up missing, please check the lost and found.


PE, Music, Health and Art will be on a rotating schedule throughout the
year. Your child will have all three specialists throughout the entire year.
It is wise to wear PE appropriate shoes and clothes daily as we are very
active at school and recess. Please see monthly newsletter for these dates.
Specialist classes will be daily from 1:00-1:40.
Our library day is Wednesday. Please make sure your
child returns their
Book each week. They will not be able to check out

a new book unless they have brought back their previous book.


Please fill out the attached questionnaire regarding your child and return
it to school as soon as possible if you havent already. These are a
favorite tool of mine because they allow me to get to know your child
and provide them with the best learning environment possible. Be sure
to write in your email and your childs bus number as well. Thank you!
I will be sending homework home each Friday in your childs daily
folder. Your child has the weekend and following week to complete the
tasks and return the homework by Wednesday. This will allow me to
read, look over and grade the completed work and prepare the next
weeks homework tasks. Weekly homework will include a reading
practice page for our weekly learning target, a math sheet or two and
students are encouraged to read nightly for 30 min. The homework
should not take longer that approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.
Monthly, I will send home a fun project that encourages you and your
child to work on together. It will relate to something we are studying in
class and be due at the end of the month. Students will be held
accountable and tracking their completed homework in their data

Your child will use a daily communications folder to take important
COMMUNICATION papers home daily as well as their weekly homework packet on Friday.
This folder may also be used for parent-teacher communications as well
and any notes to and from school and lunch money. Your child will be

held responsible to take home and bring back this folder each day, all
year long.

For classroom updates, monthly homework, 2nd grade expectations and

much more check out our classroom website at
Look for updates monthly!

DATA NOTEBOOK: At the end of September and at the end of each month your child will be
bringing home their data notebook to share their goals and learning with
you. The expectations for this notebook is that it will go home Friday and
will need to be signed and returned Monday so that we can use it in the
classroom anytime throughout the week. The purpose of this notebook is
to assist your child in becoming more aware of their growth and learning,
setting personal and class goals, communicating student growth with
parents as well as celebrating all their growth and hard work! These
notebooks are not easy to replace due to students including their artifacts
and goals in. I ask that you help your child find a safe place for the
notebook at home over the weekend and responsibly bring it back

At TVP, we are dedicated to teaching our students how to be successful

in the classroom and in life. Part of being a successful member of society
is building strong character traits and learning how to interact and behave
appropriately in social settings. Our common expectations at Tukes
Valley Campus is to Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible. In the
past we have implemented positive reward systems such as PAW tickets
and TVIP awards that are given to students caught making great choices
at school. Our students loved this, as did we, and so it will continue this
year. We are also continuing to implement a program we started last year
called Positive Behavior Intervention System, or PBIS. It is a way for us
as staff, across all grade levels, to maintain consistent behavioral
expectations for our students, to teach them appropriate and expected
behavior, communicate with parents and to keep track of student
behaviors if they are unsafe or inappropriate. This is a tool for us to
decide on the best options to help all children succeed socially and
academically at school. We look forward to teaming with each o you this
year to build a safe and happy school environment.

We are greatly looking forward to getting to know you and your child this year. If you
have any questions, concerns, or important information that we should know, please
dont hesitate to contact us. We are a team working to help your child grow in second
grade this year and we are always happy to talk. We look forward to having a great year
with you and your child.
Jen Cleaver
Phil Hawkins

2nd Grade Tukes Valley