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Federal University of Cariri

Faculty of Medicine


Barbalha - CE- Brazil, August 15th, 2014.
Candidate: Glenda Arielle Guimares Herrera.
Undergraduate course: Medicine (3rd year)
I proudly recommend Ms. Glenda Arielle Guimares Herrera, acknowledging
her accomplishments as a medical student, to study part of her undergraduate course
at the University of Liverpool.
I have known her for 2 years, during which we have engaged in extension and
teaching activities together. She has performed these activities with competence,
engagement, responsibility and discipline. The candidate was my student in the
Molecular and Cellular Biology module, which she concluded successfully. In the
following semester, we developed an extension project about prevention of domestic
accidents, in which the student displayed an excellent ability in the development of
community action. This project granted us an article in the Extension and Action
Review of the Federal University of Cear. It was also presented at the First Student
Meeting at the Federal University of Cariri, where it received an award.
Besides her competence in teaching and extension, the candidate undertook
research activities in psychiatry and oncology. Other skills I would point out are:
intellectual capacity, perseverance, creativity and innovation. Therefore, I recommend
Ms. Glenda Arielle Guimares Herrera knowing for certain that she will keep
developing her academic activities and building her medical career with excellence.
Sally de Frana Lacerda Pinheiro
Phd in Health & Life Sciences from the Universit Paris Descartes.
Professor III.
Federal University of Cariri Cear Brazil.
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