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Memories of just another day

D day starts wid a new hope. wid every ray of d sun d gloom of d night dat had
canvassed d sky b4 seems to get lifted. D birds chirp, shakin off d slumber from
dere wings. D trees also wake up though their momentum is too slow to notice,
they also raise deir leaves to catch d first glimpse of sun. the nyt fades, d nytmares
are gone. A new day has begun, promising new hopes, new beginnings and may be
endings of a lyf led in misery.
I end up questioning myself each day, y hadnt I slept a bit earlier d nyt b4. wat had
kept me from fallin asleep as a free soul. den I am reminded, dat my lyf is not a
normal one. I ve to endure wat lays on my path. I am undaunted but am also afraid
to sleep. Cuz nw I cant differentiate between a nytmare and the reality.
It all cums to me at last. I ve to tread on again, continue wid a smile purched
among my lips. Cuz u can be sad but if ur frends and d world cums to know dat u r
sad, u feel miserable. So d journey begins- of another tiring day, wishing every
moment to be my last. I embrace whatever comes on my path. Am humble and
honest, I cant do wat I cant do. I live on.
How long will it last? I keep on askin myself. Wat is d meaning of existing lyk dis?
Den I remember I ve made some promises and I am a man of principles. I never
break my promise. So I will secure my obligations first, after dat I am free.
I need to earn money. Be it by hook or crook. As d days pass by my tym draws
near. D curtain will soon fall on me. Its tym to mint money