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Raj Rewal

Raj Rewal...
An Introduction...
Born: 1934
Educated in Delhi and London.
Rewal worked in Michel Ecochards's office in
Paris before starting his practice in New Delhi.
He has received among many other honours, the
Gold Medal from Indian Institute of Architects and
Commonwealth Associations of Architects.
Raj Rewal Associates is based in Delhi and
has been in practice for the last 35 years.
The architectural firm has been acclaimed
for its housing projects and urban design
and public buildings.

Raj Rewal...
An Introduction...
One of the India's best-known architects,
Raj Rewal is recognized internationally for
buildings that respond sensitivity to the complex
demands of rapid urbanization, climate and
culture. In a country that is both developing and
industrialized, whose architectural inheritance is
ancient and recent and whose society is
conservative and pluralist.
Rewal's work combines sophisticated
technology and a sense of history and context,
imparted not only by design but by local material
such as ochre and rose sandstone, evoking the
great Mogul monuments.

Raj Rewal...
An Introduction...
His humanist approach to architecture responds
to the complexities of rapid urbanisation, the
demands of climate, cultural traditions, and
building crafts and technologies.
His built works comprise a wide range of
building types, including the Nehru Pavilion, the
Scope office complex, the Central Institute of
Educational Technology, the World Bank
building, the National Institute of Immunology,
the Parliament Library, and the Asian Games
Village, all located in New Delhi