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The Grade 3 Program

The Grade 3 curriculum is full of challenging material and interesting

topics. The following is a brief overview of the things your child will be
learning this year.

Our language program is designed to allow students to develop reading, writing, media
awareness and oral communication skills by experiencing language in a wide variety of
ways. Students will learn about different types of written materials (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, reports, etc.) and produce written work of their own in various
forms. They will be taught specific skills and strategies to help them in reading and
Two key focuses of the math program this year will be consolidating computational skills
and developing problem-solving skills. Students will encounter the challenges of
multiplication and division.
Students will learn what it means to be an individual that believes, prays, celebrates,
and lives in the eyes of God. Students will learn why the kite is a symbol of their faith
as grade 3 students.
Science and Technology
We will explore both the world around us and how things work in the following units this
year: Forces and Motion; Stability; Soils in the Environment; Growth and Changes in
Health and Physical Education
Your child will continue to develop a respect for healthy living and regular physical
activity. Activities and games will be designed to help develop fundamental movement
The Arts
Drama and Dance, Music and Visual Art are an important part of your childs learning.
Throughout the year there will be opportunities for your child to experience these art
forms and to create their own works, often in relation to other units of study.