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Find the Error

(Herrman pg. 285)

Learning Activity

Pre - assigned materials on the subject of failure to follow even simple

evidence based practices such as handwashing and how this can have
devastating effects for patients. Pre-class assignment-Students are
assigned to participate in an interactive video training as the role of the
nurse in Students
are also asked to explore the role of the physician, Infection Preventionist,
medical student and family member in the interactive roles in the video.
Students will then engage in faculty prompted discussion in the classroom
focusing on individual accountability, everyday evidence based practice,
the Swiss cheese model of healthcare errors, and problem solving for the
improvement of patient care quality.

Domain of Learning
Learning Objective(s)

Preparation Required by
Teacher/Facilitator and
Materials Needed

Time Allotted

Reflective Debriefing
Points (post learning
Evaluation of Learning
(How will it be
Teacher Reflection
(justify choice of
learning activity and
good fit for the
identified learning

At the completion of this learning activity, the learner will:

Explore the impact of evidence based practices and

following them judiciously to prevent patient harm. (Understand,
Apply, Analyze, Evaluate)

Apply principles of safety and quality with infection

prevention guidelines for optimal patient outcomes. (Remember,
Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate,)
Faculty needs to prompt class discussion and guide as needed. Points
made by the class can be written on the blackboard by class members- in
groups or individually. Time to synthesize the discussion and key points
made by the class.
50 minutes to complete the learning activity pre-classroom.
50 minutes for follow up classroom discussion
Debriefing takes place during the classroom discussion. What issues were
identified? For example, did this patient die from preventable harm?
Assessment of learning will be done when the facilitator leads a class
discussion of identified issues and lists them per learner input.
QSEN is all about this activity as it pertains to patient safety, quality
improvement, and evidence based practice, teamwork and collaboration,
patient centered care; and the activity is delivered in a method that
supports informatics. This activity draws on previously learned concepts
and creates new knowledge for the perspective of a patient that died in
healthcare, and supports the KSAs required of nurses in the 21st century.