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Soap Film Project

Basic Concept
m film + surfactant
Visualize 2D Fluid Flow

Our Set-Up
Vertical setup

test Section

The Bucket
A 2 inch whole was drilled in to the
corner of the bucket to serves as a
drain for the outgoing soap mix
The plastic tubing was then inserted
in this whole
We used resin to fill the gaps
between the bucket and the tubing,
which proved to be quite effective

The plank
A 6x6 inch plank was glued on the
bottom of the bucket. This served as
a plat form for the bucket to rest on.
A 2 inch whole was cut out directly
beneath the drain we created prior on
the bucket
The tube was inserted through the
whole in the bucket and the plank at
the same time

The wall
The biggest component to this
experiment which is the giant wall
found in the sub basement was used
as our centerpiece.
Each of the previous components were
attached to the top section of the wall.
The plank was fastened to the top
center of the wall using resin

The base of the apparatus is a 2x3 foot
1.5 inch angle irons also known as L
brackets, have been used to keep the
wall in the upright position while
fastened to the base
The angle irons were orientated in a
way so that the walls weight would
be evenly distributed along the base

The Wires
Nozzle was
placed in the
Sealed with
silicon around
the hole in the
bottom of bucket

To keep a constant
tension in the
string, we wrapped
the string in several
loops around a
screw on the
bottom of the setup
Attached a binder
clip onto the screw
to maintain the
wraps and keep the


Soap film couldnt develop by itself

Dove soap should be used

By sliding an external piece of nylon

along the test section, we were able to
develop a soap film about 95 percent of
the way

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