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Fall 2015

September 7, 2015

In the beginning

This fall we will begin our 30 week journey into the Bible exploring the Divine
Drama. The Divine Drama is an intermediate-level course commonly taught
within one academic year (30 weeks). It is ideal for teenagers preparing for
confirmation, for an adult refresher course, or a new members class. Its 16
units on the complete biblical storyline (The Biblical Narrative) and 14 units
on the themes arising from scripture (Our Narrative) provide a solid
foundation for lifelong faith-formation.

In the beginning, God

created the heavens
and the earth.
Genesis 1:1

Confirmation students along with adults in the Gonvick Parish will join
together to study central themes in the Divine Drama. We will begin with
Divine Drama - Gonvick Parish

Fall 2015

September 7, 2015

creation and end with Gods final plan of salvation revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. We will
hear about how God speaks throughout the Bible pointing to the greatest revelation of salvation in
His Son Jesus Christ.

It will be important for students in the Divine Drama to follow the reading and workbook plan. The
schedule for each week will be as follows:
5:30 - 6 PM

Gathering Time

Snacks will be provided

with a fellowship meal on
the last Wednesday of the
month or scheduled class
of the month

Fellowship Hall

6 - 7 PM

Divine Drama Lesson

Time with Pastor Kris

The lesson for the week

will be presented by
Pastor Kris

Fellowship Hall

7 - 7:30

Small Group Time

Confirmation students will

meet with Pastor Kris.
Others are encouraged to
meet and discuss the
lesson for the week.

Youth Room (Behind Altar)

for Confirmation aged


Prayer and Sending

We will end the time

together in the sanctuary
with Luthers Evening
Prayer and a Hymn


It will be important for students to stay on task. At the end of each month I will collect confirmation
students workbooks and review progress. Although I will not grade I will keep track of your
progress. Parents are encouraged to attend the weekly Divine Drama course and actively engage in
the process through family discussion of weekly lessons.

Parents/students if you would like to sign up for a fellowship meal on the last class day of the month
simply go to the link below. Meals dont have to be fancy! They serve as a means to break bread
together and build relationships in the parish.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and commitment to the Divine Drama journey!
Divine Drama - Gonvick Parish