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Instruction Sheet Super Heros

Instruction Sheet Super Heros

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future animators welcome
future animators welcome

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Published by: rolandreign on Mar 06, 2010
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Super Heroes Insfrucfion Sheef - I

Super Heroes
Instruction Sheet

Super Heroes Unite! Welcome to the Toon Boom Studio™ Templates!

We’ve prepared a bunch of animation templates for you to use to build your own action packed animation. Use
the templates to play with Toon Boom Studio™ and experiment with its innovative features.

After you build your thrilling animations, you can export them as Macromedia® Flash™ movies and email them to
family, friends, even neighbors, and put them on the showcase section of our Website:

What are templates, you ask?

Templates contain animation elements, such as drawings, bitmaps, pegs, or anything that you can use in Toon
Boom Studio™. Templates can even include multiple elements combined with various effects.

What kind of templates did we make for you?

You can download these templates from our Website http://www.toonboom.com/support/tbs/templates/.

BGs_Overlays: this folder includes one background and overlays that you can use to set the stage of your
animation (city scene).

Characters: This folder includes a running cycle (boom_guy_ancycle.tbt), a Cell Swapping character with
different right hands (thecrunch_cellswap.tbt) and a LipSync ready character (boom_girl_lip_sync.tbt) . Use it as
is for your animation, or study the movement to use for another character. In this folder you will also find some
character models. These models are provided as a basis for animating the characters. Study them and use them for
making your super heroes interact with each other and the scenery – it compares to a bible used in a studio.

Props: This folder contains drawings of various objects in your scene like lamp posts, a mailbox, trees and a
sewer grate.

Sound_Track: In this folder, you’ll find a voice track for the girl character. Use the pre-made mouth templates of
the boom_girl_lip_sync.tbt element in combination with the lip-sync feature for quick animation of dialogue. This
sound is in MP3 format so you must import it as sound (not as a template) into the Template Browser window to
be used for lip sync. Drag it onto a sound element in the Exposure Sheet then just right-click (control-click on a
Mac) to edit the sound and compute lipsync.

Super Hero Insfrucfion Sheef - Z

Ok, so how do I use the templates?

To get these templates to work for you and learn more about Toon Boom Studio™, you must:

1. Download the templates from http://www.toonboom.com/support/tbs/templates/. Decompress the templates
files using StuffIt™ http://www.stuffit.com or WinZip® http://www.winzip.com.

2. Start Toon Boom Studio™ and create a new animation set.

3. Import the templates into the Global template folder in the Template Browser window.

• Because you cannot import entire folders of templates, you may want to create additional catalogs to
organize your templates in the Template Browser.

• Also, the files in the Sounds folder are MP3 files, not templates. You must import these as Sound Files
into the Template Browser.

4. Copy or link the templates into the Timeline window. You can simply drag templates from the Template
Browser window into the Timeline window to copy them into your animation project.

What can you do with templates?

After you get the templates into your animation, you can do all sorts of things, like:

• Lay out the templates in the 3D scene space of Sceneplanning mode.
• Create multiplane camera moves through the 3D scene space.
• Move, rotate and scale the drawings by attaching them to pegs and changing the pegs over time.

If you are feeling particularly creative, you can add your own animation content. With Toon Boom
Studio™, you can easily:

• Draw your own animations.
• Lip sync drawings to a voice track you create.
• Import bitmap images (photos that you scan) of your creepy pets and friends!

Need More Help?

See the Online Help and the User Guide for information on how to perform all of the tasks we talked about here.
You can also ask for help from members of the User Group on the support page of our Website:

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