Net Connection Troubleshooting

Possible issues
Internet is down (ISP level) Cable disconnection (Local network) Invalid IP configuration settings LAN card Status Damage LAN card Browser settings No permission to access the internet (Router)

Internet is down (ISP Level)
Ping the router (gateway) to determine if the

problem is on the local network or external network Router is the boundary between the local network and external network (internet)

Determine the Router IP/Gateway
To determine the IP of the router/gateway Open command prompt and type the command –


Cable Disconnection (local network)
To determine if cable is disconnected on the network
   

Ping gateway Ping the nearest PC Check the switch in which the PC is connected Replace cable

Invalid IP Configuration Settings
Check IP settings by running ipconfig

Switch also into obtain IP address automatically. It’s possible that the network is on DHCP

Check LAN Card Status
Check LAN card if it is disconnected by going to

Control Panel  Network Connections

Damage LAN card
Ping the PC LAN card to double check if the card is

working properly

Ping –t

Browser Settings
Check browser settings. Make sure proxy is

configured. Firefox – Tools  Options  Advanced  Network  Settings

Internet Explorer Settings
Tools  Internet Options  Connections  LAN


Google Chrome Browser Settings
Tools  Options  Under the Hood  Change

Proxy settings  LAN Settings


That’s all folks . . .
Chito C. Relampagos MCP, MCSA, Network+, Security+ IT Consultant

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