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50 words about art

matthew lee knowles

august 2009
Costs holiday from
working black buy
art responding I
down the art I waste
I as they.... my to a
due art last
"extended is this
digital I value I it as
we the ist menschen
this turn a writing in
rubbish knots art
speed these be
fossil, motor,
possible. five delay. high.
life. balance. camera.
lens. understanding. it.
paint saliva. truth
burdensome. tarmac see.
bloom. love not. work.
luxury. caring. value.
Psyche. millionaire".
cutey... drums. nine). can
value. Yet. two react.
worth? / WORTHLESS"
things? Away .uk us.
achieve. me. TWATS......
them. press. good.
waste? masters...
recording. sky devalued.

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