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a USE OF THE RIGHT FORM OF THE VERBS USE OF THE RIGHT FORM OF THE VERBS 1. Subject 1 Sed Person Singular number = sR Verb "Wf Presset Indie Tense wen Vere Om 0 te ‘heb a ta Ans: Te boys otal. 2. Univeral ut {EY >), abu! act (eT 4) Pen nde Tense Fe he un) nf Ea ‘Ans: Tesi ees nie Est, 3c em apt a Sete aay, opty, omnes, con, goers, say, evan, ecsoenaly, meaty. sore ‘Fore we wrt Pinson Tree @f " We anys (tut) te cass Ans He aay tie te Css. ‘on Mr. Kren tae) io parmaly? Ana When dos Kai ate so aay? A god bey (ropes son rey ‘os: goed by prepares isesos rey 4. Vorb i ICY Negave W rogue “C8 ew Tee # Site EP de, den one eas TE he go ing or. Ans The gi ost og. He cone) tame estoy? ‘Ans: i can hoe yee? 5. targa Sotrce wha, wie, whe, wh, which, wha, iy, on ee Sj 4 Tee pon CAH tbe at ‘Why Ms Patol 0 ary? ‘Ans: Wy oe i,t sara? at you (ran? ‘Ans ih 6 an 6. re cot mE Vero at Present Cortina Tse een eds UT CT poy a Bs Me NST) BEN ein) song now Ans: 8 sgn cow ADVANCED LEARNERS FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH @ “hay (wach) TV this moment. “Ans: Tay ae watching TV bis mame. eras pre Gertnoea as ved STE Vet panel | co He has (o) the wo Ans: Ho as done the wok. ‘We bao (ak) him cepa ‘ans: We hav ade him apn ean 1 st, just now, ody, yet, over, ately, recent, Fen Pres et Tense 1 ee i cont Aas: thaw sen Bon "Yeu verb) to Dhaka ‘ng; Hive you ever boen to hale? He (os) out 00. “Ans He has go ot ust now e atie Gf 6 at phrase GO (yestertay, ap, lon sinc, le sig 2a) oF Vorb Pas rm = 1) He (eave) home ls igh. Ans: Het hoa lst oh (1 feame) homo yesterday. ‘An | cama home yestery. {i (5) you lang og. amo re Spor hot, erly Yad when, tardy Bad aoe eon ine Veh 2 page re DN VOD tometer crt vr sooner had he (see) the police than he (run) away. Nesoneradh sont pas Woe ana It genet ct Pst! reat Pte ese set Pt tne 201 cr Ire meny yon eae oe) ia fer an yor en cae Of w USE OF THE fiGHT FORM OF THE VERBS Many years have passed sine his fate ‘Ans: May yrs hav pasad sinc i ater od. 12 Scoot ss me Past Inti om ten Se Past Part ce mice Ie was many yar since he re (mest ‘Ans: twas many yoars sco thy had es me. Tes ong since I (ee) neat. ‘Ans: It as lng sinc | had sen bern 43, Blo 0 #2 cr Pact Paral lengo- 42 Wer era et Past Int tons 5 afr te er Past nde tae ee at ‘set Past Perf ten €8 (Te patio) etre he deco came. ‘Ans: The pant had det before th doctor cana. (i) The patient cid ater the decor (com. ‘Ans: The pant do to the doctor had came. 14.58 cH Siglo Sentence 2 Varbe# wee acwETe Verb noting ct sce ea seer Ver Ba eto ns ex Bega Bove ‘gece sie vab-8 eho ICs mE I sew him (go, ‘As: | ti ging, (0) ont wart eave) this plac. ‘Ans dont wan leave this pace 15. Had beter, ad rater, would ber, woud rather, ht, mus, ned, aro artes ot eve vere Present form = 6 8 eth SS to 32 Fe 9TH Ty () Yeu beter (og) roms Ans: You had eter ge hor. {GF i not et you (to eer tho ease room, ‘Aga il not oyu air tha cas oom, eC aince a orce we at toe SU cod 0 Vor Present oon #04) c- (Weald hag) to otege ‘Ans: Would that | could got oops, | povvoso EARNERS FINCTENAL UGH roe tinge me Veet Pos Pa thea ony hg te). tera yg tn 8). foto nmap se be rene ar Mars cal td ea be ot ‘Var «ex ref mind, worth witout, past, cannot Nei et ee ek wr, ou in 9 ae anceda vee me y= tyra trey wh» ors You! ee (eatery ha eww Be Opie er pt) 9 ene Aner tut ny orem . weer itn, ry ef te Tents Vo naatome yoy fs tune ati fs ihe gi Sgr we cross da {HL wish (sg a sno. m wh an de tg nt 051 Chih ot ae ih = (yas ate) bate oat fev ae . vec en ett Poses Tove 0 a me en ae a rn Tre 2 Seifeurattoee ve se fe oon oot tte pol thug eke eg te rc og (teh. fs Serco ugh Thad token be at BMT WORE emer ae rate rewen nie fectweengacgece Mecntetaaare faite ra rt icra teen