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I. Citizens Effecting Change (Chapter 9)
A. Democracy Begins with People
B. Influencing Government
C. Political Ideologies and Parties
D. A Guide to Government
E. Choosing a Government
II. Protecting Human Rights (Chapter 10)
A. What are Human Rights?
B. Human Rights Legislation in Canada
C. The Charter in Action
D. Advocating for Your Rights
E. Aboriginal Rights, Gender Equity and Childrens Rights
I. Canada and World War I (Chapter 2)
A. Causes of the First World War
B. Canadas Response to the War
C. The War on Land
D. Major Canadian Battles
E. The War in the Air
F. The War at Sea
G. The Home Front
H. The Conscription Crisis
I. The End of the War
J. Canadas Emerging Autonomy
K. Canada After the War
II. Canada and the Twenties (Chapter 3)
A. An Uneasy Adjustment
B. Canadas Changing Economy
C. The Roaring Twenties
D. Missing the Roar
E. New Challenges to Federalism: Regionalism
F. Canadas Growing Independence
G. The Stock Market Crash
III. The Thirties: A Decade of Despair (Chapter 4)
A. Causes of the Great Depression
B. The Desperate Years: Making Ends Meet
C. Responding to the Depression
D. Politics of Protest
E. The Depression and Global Politics

IV. Canada and the Second World War (Chapter 5)

A. The Rise of Totalitarianism
B. Causes of the Second World War
C. Canadas Response to the Threat of War
D. Canada Declares War
E. Axis Advances
F. Canadas Contribution to the War Effort
G. The Tide Turns
H. D-Day: The Normandy Invasion
I. Crimes Against Humanity
J. The War at Home
K. What the War meant to Canada
V. Refining an Identity: Canada and the Post-War World (Chapter 6)
A. The Changing Face of Canada
B. New Times, New Leadership
C. Post-War Prosperity
D. The Cold War and Post-War Diplomacy
E. Planning for Peace
VI. Times of Turmoil: Canada in the 1960s and 1970s (Chapter 7)
A. Toward Social Change
B. Politics and Government
C. Economic Challenges
D. A More Independent International Policy
VII. Canada Shifts Focus: 1980 and Beyond (Chapter 8)
A. Popular Culture and the Spirit of the Age
B. The Fight for Aboriginal Rights
C. Constitution and Discord
D. New Economic Ideas
E. A New Era of International Action
I. Population Trends and Issues (Chapter 11)
A. World Population Growth and Demography
B. The Demographic Revolution
C. Population Profiles
D. Canadas Population: Past and Future
E. Where Do Six Billion-Plus Live
II. Living Standards in a Changing World (Chapter 12)
A. Measuring Development, Living Standards and Poverty
B. The Vulnerable Ones: Women and Children
C. The Health Crisis
D. Helping to Improve Living Standards

III. The Environment: Our Challenges and Responsibilities (Chapter 17)

A. Why Care about the Environment?
B. Population Growth and Sustainability
C. Water: The Indispensable Resource
D. Change is in the Air
E. Doing Our Part for the Environment

Your final mark in the course will be based on:
1. Class Work:
Weekly quizzes/written assignments:
Unit tests:


2. Provincial Exam:


1. All written assignments must be:
A) original work (no copying)
B) typed or neatly written in ink;
C) correctly formatted (title, name, date, block);
D) submitted on time.
2. I expect you to submit good-quality written work
3. I expect you to submit your own work, not copied assignments from other students
4. Assignments must be submitted before they are returned to class
5. Missed quizzes and tests must be written over lunch as soon as you return
6. I will follow the D.T.S.S. senior attendance policy

Less than 50%=F