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March 25.2009

of Selectmen
Town of tsartlett

RR #l Box 49
Intervale. NH 03845


Lil' Man Snowmobile


Dear Board.

I received a call last week and again last evening reporting snowmobile tracks across the
ball field as well as a sub pump and a hose pumping muddy water from the Lil'Man
property over thc stone wall and onto the Precinct Field property.
I have reported this information to Bob Blake, one of the Water Precinct Commissioners,
afler making a call to Chairman, Matt Howard who was not available. Mr" Blake, last
evening, went and examined the situation and agrees with the reports that I had received.
Mr. Blake informed me that he had taken pictures.

fhis morning, I too went to the f.icld and viewed the situation fbr myself and documented
with pictures that I have provided. I took the Josiah Bartlett Athletic Director, Vance
Pickering with me as I try not to be on the property alone.
tJpon arrival, we immediately noticed the numerous snow mobile tracks on the ball field,
wall which is attached to a sub pump located in the parking lot of
Lil'Man Snowmobile Rentals, which has been pumping water onto the precinct property.
A sign in which was placed along the inside of thc stone wall has been destroyed and
ripped to shreds, by the snow removal process of Mr. Furlong lrom his property to the
precinct property.
a hose over the stone

The 'path' that Mr. Furlong has bcen allowed to temporarily use fbr his snow machines is
nearly down to the dirt layer as indicated in the photos. There are numerous machine
tracks, not only on the ball field but alongside the shed, both dugouts and the scoreboard,
many of which come directly from the'path'.

A bracket

for his
open flag to his business. 'fhe medal gate in which was added last fall and the numerous
has rccently been added to the large boundary tree in which he is using