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February 1.8,20t5

Town of Bartlett Police Department

RR l- Box 49

Intervale, NH 03845
RE: Black Fly Field

Fence, damage and removal

0n January 31, I received a phone callasking about snowmobiling on the Black Fly
Property. I drove up to witness tracks coming to and from the neighboring
property of Lil Man Snow machine rentals, There were multiple snow machines
and vehicles in the parking area of his business, I contacted the Board of
Selectmen and the Bartlett Water Precinct.
I understand that several police reports have been filed on or around this date and
that the steel gate had been placed and locked,

0n February 2, I was told by the Water Precinct that the fence had been cut and
was just leaning in place,
On February 76, I received another call asking if about the fence and whom it
belonged to, as well as use of machines on the property again. This is the first day I

saw the fence removed with an opening and snowmobiles accessing the Ball field
property through the fence, in which the Town of Bartlett owns. This fence was paid
for through a grant in which I wrote to the Paquawket Foundation. In December of
20L4 the fence along the boundary of Black Fly Field was in good condition,

repairing the fence by the company that installed it, would

be somewhere around the amount of $350, This is without visually seeing the
extent of all the damage and cutting down,

A very rough estimate of


ectfuily sub mitted,

Annette G, Libby
Executive Director