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O’ Reilley Associates

Group 14
Dimple Singh 20081014
Mayank Gaur 20081029
Rohan Sharma 20081044
Vishnu Mangal 20081059
Case Facts
 Time Zone – 1990’s

Major Characters –Anil Chitkara,

Chairman, president and treasurer

Organization Structure
Major Issue
Profitability T & D Corporation’s
Management Control
Best suited Management Control
System for O’Reilley could be
“Control of Operations”
Preparation of project plan
 Scope
 Schedule
 Cost
Communication to employees about
the plan

Management Control
Important to fill the time sheets
Timely reports
Comparison of reports
Deviations can be measured
Anil Chitkara’s report
 Issues pertaining to Income
 Cost of direct payroll was 88.2%
(100*136,250/154,500) of revenue, in
contrast to be less than 55% for being
 It was unclear why direct payroll under
art category was charged; rather
artwork was performed by T&D itself.
 It is unclear on what basis such a low
commission & fees was charged to the

Anil Chitkara’s report -

Commission and fee should be based

on billing hour plus expenditure plus
commission basis. And commission
should be around 15%

Learning Outcomes
We have learned that how
management controls system in
service industry differs from
manufacturing industry.

In service industry primary assets are

Human resources so more
importance is given to employees
work hour.

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