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PLAINFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS Plainfield, New Jersey JOB DESCRIPTION TITLE: Coordinator, Data Collection and Continuous Improvement Qualifications: Minimum Masters Degree Minimum of five years satisfactory teaching experience Knowledge of data collection techniques and continuous improvement Familiarity with strategic planning Demonstrated knowledge of NJCCCS, testing instruments, program needs assessment and analysis, data analysis and management Ability to articulate use of technology, via computer software Excellent communication, organizational, and research skills Reports To: Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services Occupational Summary Coordinates and assists in the planning, scheduling, and implementation of districtwide assessment programs; collects, analyzes, and maintains district data via the data warehouse and other means to track district progress; collects, analyses, and maintains district strategic plan data; prepares charts and graph analyses for staff as directed by the Assistant Superintendent or Superintendent of Schools. Examples of Duties: 1. Coordinates and schedules the functions and activities of testing such receiving, verifying, distributing, and tracking testing materials. 2. Develops and coordinates district-wide programs and schedules for local and state annual group testing, including in-district test scoring program and equipment. 3. Analyses, interprets, and prepares reports of testing results. 4, Analyzes student performance data to assist in the identification of underperforming schools and interpreting analyses and reports relative to the state indicators and criteria in order to identify areas in need of improvement. 8. Coordinates the district's test security program and prepares and disseminates information regarding testing security and procedures. 6. Assists in the review and development of district procedures and policies for enhanced testing and accountability. Page 2 Coordinator, Data Collection & Continuous Improvement 7. Serves as a liaison between the District and schools relative to District, state, and national assessment programs. In addition, serves as a liaison between the District and the new Jersey Department of Education, national testing agencies, and extemal contractors on issues related to the implementation of state and national testing programs. 8. Represents the District on various state committees that review and establish policy and programs related to assessment and accountability. 9. Collects, analyzes, and provides data related to the District Strategic Plan 10.Ensures continuity and coordination of district efforts with respect to the district's accountability programs. 14.Prepares information regarding district data and progress indicators, as directed, including the Superintendent's summary materials for members of the board, as requested. 12.Supports the development, implementation, and monitoring of the District Strategic Plan, where applicable 13. Complies with local, state, and federal guidelines and procedures. 14,Performs other duties as may be assigned Terms of Employment: Twelve (12) Months Contract Evaluation: Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services Salary: According to PASA Guide Adopted by the Plainfield Board of Education at its Business meeting of November 17, 2009.