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We all at the world ,are waiting for big events coming to shows up a big storm

of solar plasma,is anounces from Colorado University (sc)Daniel Baker and in hi

s own words says "if its ocurrs in middle range we are waiting for,any way,we ar
e going to be like fried¡¡¡" "fried" this is going to happened at time between
June and September,2012 only in 15 min, we can be alerrt by Soho at time this oc
curs ..but is no a big time¡¡just now¡¡ we are under action of naturals and "pro
vocated" events by haarp technology of War against the mankind¡¡that sionist gro
up,from the New World Order,want to implat at world¡¡ goverment of terror,misery
s and blood¡¡ to do we accept "their" new messiah¡¡(from the dark corners of the
ir black minds,something claims to remend the error and fault¡¡that they do kill
ing themselves their past " true"messiah..Jesus) but their allvays twist minds "
have" in facts a media messiahs like Prince William from England¡¡ grand ,grand
,grand ,grand son of Melusina,s Queen called at her times the "daughter of devil
" she represent the union from wasp people an sionist blood¡¡merried with a Wind
sor,a Crusades Times,in Middle-West¡¡¡we ar5e ex pecting too Naturals disaster f
rom ,enviroment faults like overpopulation,contamination,atomics bombs test at p
ast,wether¡¡global overheat¡¡and others, we are expecting too,a Nuclear sorpresi
ve¡¡ attacck direct to the great people Iran and China,descrited at Anglo -¡Saxo
n Mission in Camelot Project(look at web),for few hours to later invade other re
bels countrys of tyhe world, but in this case ,usin massive,dangerous gas¡¡¡for
no too manuy contamination¡¡ what kind of sionist and wasp madness¡¡¡¡So we need
severals acctions from now¡¡ because if not, we can be in the same hole "they"a
re from long time before¡¡¡REVOLUTION¡¡againts Them,no againts their slaves¡¡
you knows Bush family? you knows Rockefeller family?you knows Rothchilds family?
you knows the rest of BLOODline familys of Devil? GO AHEAD¡¡¡