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Distinguishing features of the ABS system

 ABS - wheel control system when braking. Prevents the wheels
from locking when braking.
 ESP - Electronic Stability Program. The risk of losing control
over the vehicle while driving is reduced by means of a targeted
intervention of the system.
 EDL - Electronic Differential Lock. Enables the driving off on a
road with different friction coefficients under the right and left
drive wheel by braking of the wheel which is slipping.
 TCS - traction control system. Prevents the driving wheels from
slipping when accelerating by throttling the engine power output.
 MBA - Mechanical brake assistance.
 HBA - Hydraulic brake assistance.
 EDC - Engine drag torque control. Prevents the driving wheels
from locking, if suddenly the accelerator pedal is released or
when braking with a gear engaged.
 EBD - Electronic brake pressure distribution.
 ASC - automatic steering control. Recommends to the driver a
change in the steering position, which under certain conditions
can increase the efficiency of the ESP.
 HHC - Hill Hold Control. Enables an easy driving off on uphills,
without the vehicle rolling back and also without operating the
locking brake.
 RKA (TPM) - Tyre inspection display
 BPS - hydraulic assistance of the brake servo unit. Ensures the
brake pressure increase in case of emergencies for example
during numerous or steadily forceful brake applications.
 RBS - Brake disc dryer system. By means of briefly braking
(unnoticeable to the driver) it ensures that the brake discs of the
front wheels are dry and clean during rainy weather.
 TSA - Trailer Stability Assist. The vehicle tension stability system
is a Software upgrade of the brake and stability program ESP
which avoids the dangerous swaying of the trailer.

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